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2 of 5: Hollow Timbrels of "expert"-generated feardom

Hilary Butler - Sunday, November 09, 2008

You’ve just been told that:

You can’t take your baby out into that big bad world until the first shots have been given.

Do you now believe that the minute the two needles containing 13 vaccines have been removed from your child, you can now spend the day in Parnell in crowded cafes catching up with all your mates?

1) What sort of magic is this, that says that he/she is now immunologically invincible, and you are free to socialise until you drop?

What has convinced you that NOW your baby won’t die?

There are serious problems with this particular blackmail.

If you look at the facts, and the requirement for three appointments, 6 weeks, 3 months, 5 months… if your baby is suddenly immune after the first needles come out, why the follow up visits? The number of visits should back up the fact that fearmongering should be saying that no baby will even have a semi-decent level of antibodies from vaccines until the age of 6 months, one month after the third shot, not immediately after the first.

The 6 week jabs do pretty much nothing, immunologically for most babies. Mild reactions are common, moderate reactions relatively common, and severe reactions unpredictable. We don’t know the data for them, because whenever a mother takes a child to a doctor with a severe reaction, they will be told it was nothing to do with the vaccine. That’s routine. A wonderful way to keep the slate clean and the public blind.

The three-month shots reminds the body it was supposed to do something about creating antibodies, and it decides to continue that process. Maybe. The third shot, theoretically should give some protection against many of the diseases, with the exception of whooping cough, where if you are lucky, three out of 10 will have antibodies which might last three years if, once again, they are lucky. That’s why New Zealand’s rates of whooping cough have not decreased much since any of the whooping cough vaccines were introduced (see our first book). But if those three shots created good immunity, no further boosters would be given, right? But they are considered necessary, as your chart will tell you.

In actuality, any breastfed, healthy baby should be able to cope with a shopping visit.

I am though, a traditionalist, and feel that babies are better at home for the first six months apart from short trips out. The first six months is so important for mother and baby to really get to know one another; for the baby’s natural routines to become obvious, so that baby-led structure can be worked out.

But in terms of the claims made about vaccines, and their effectiveness, to suggest a healthy baby is at serious risk in a mostly vaccinated community, is ironic.

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