“Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God re-mould your minds from within...”
Romans 12:2

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Frequently Asked Questions

NB.   If your javascript and cookies are disabled on your browser, the answers to the questions below might not appear and some links on this site might not work.  Please enable your browser's javascript and cookies if you are having any difficulties with links on this site.

Sometimes, you can Google until you are cross-eyed and not find what you are looking for.  The problem might be that the right term eludes you.  Unfortunately, Google isn’t a mind reader, and if you don’t know the right word, it might not spit up the goods.

The problem might be that you find the information, but apart from an abstract, the rest is locked away by the pharmaceutical companies until you pay a $50.00 (or whatever) fee for access to each article. It’s their way of maximising their shareholder’s return, and making you poor in the process.  User pays and all that. Consider it par for the course.   

Read the Resources page introduction to see if your searching basics might have missed a step or two. There is a tutorial there using Gardasil as an example.

We will answer any questions you are unable to find answers to on the web (such as what the Trust is) or something specific to you that can’t be easily found on the web. Any questions we answer about vaccines or diseases, will be answered in the appropriate topic section under Resources. 

But we hope that we will be the last stop for questions, since most general topic questions can be answered via the web.

And, we might not be able to answer the question.  But we will have fun trying to find the answer.

To open a question, click on the question.  To close the answer box, click on the question again.

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