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2008 Influenza vaccine – placebo value only

Hilary Butler - Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Today, we are told that  for the 2008 season flu vaccine, the American FDA had decided to include three viruses rather than the usual one or two.

Did it matter? Apparently not. Their crystal ball flunked out on them, yet again:

“Vaccines for this past 2007-2008 flu season appeared largely ineffective in part because different strains than expected began circulating, experts have said. Still, a record 140 million doses were provided, the CDC has said.”

So there you go. What really matters was that a record number of people lined up to be pricked.

140 million people who had the useless vaccine, assumed it would protect them. But if they never see Reuters news, they will continue to swan on, believing that their annual jabs are worth it.

Why is it that every vaccinated person you meet swears that the vaccine is what kept them flu free? Why is it that people like my husband, who wouldn’t know what the flu is anyway, wonder what all the fuss is all about? No doubt, someone would want to tell him that that’s because nurse jabbem fairy punctured everyone else to protect him?

Problem with that story is that the papers are telling us that this year’s flu season in this country is a bad one.

Perhaps New Zealand’s flu vaccine has been about as good as the American vaccine.

Just when we think that doctors are finally getting it right, and not prescribing antibiotics for the flu, THAT GUY  shatters the illusion by complaining that the antibiotics prescribed him couldn’t combat the fever! Not to be outdone, Rachael Glucina informs us that she ALWAYS gets the ‘flu’ every year.

At least she drowns her probably imagined sorrows in white wine and chicken soup.

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