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AAP's fever and antipyretic policy statement shores up big pharma

Hilary Butler - Wednesday, March 02, 2011

On March 1, The Wall Street Journal ran an article on fever  which was discussing the American Academy of Pediatric’s latest policy document on fever and antipyretic use.  which is exactly the snow-job you’d expect of an organisation wedded at the hip to Big Pharma. Out of interest, I submitted an e-response to Pediatrics. In the event of it not being put up, here is a copy below:

Dear Sir,

This report on fever basically places the blame on parents who have "fever phobia", never mentioning that they got that fever phobia in the first place, because doctors pander to big pharma just like they once pandered to Philip Morris.

As a freelance journalist, I have spent years trying to persuade parents not to believe the lies spun by nurses and doctors captured by Pfizer/Johnson acetaminophen manufacturers.

For years now, the medical profession has defended the indefensible, and in hospital and practices the mantra comes out about "using tylenol" (or insert your favourite product) This report does little to tilt the playing field back in favour of children surviving infections.

I have massive clear-files on the issues of fever, acetaminophen effects and toxicities, and note with concern that this article glosses over key medical information which points to why acetaminophen should NEVER be used during an infection.

Acetaminophen down-regulates the immune system, derails parts of cellular immunity and by doing so, increases the likelihood of a child dying from all serious bacterial and viral infections.

The World Health Organisation has had reports on this issue on its site for over 10 years now, which at least state some of the basic issues more accurately than the AAP has managed to carefully avoid.

That the AAP seems unable to put the health of children with infectious diseases first, is tragic.

This is an over boiled, limp-wristed pathetic response to a very serious issue - and it's no surprise that yet again, the drug manufacturers get a free pass to potentially maim and kill children, with the "get out of jail and pass go" card from the AAP.

In the event that Pediatrics decides to publish this e-letter, for anyone really interested in what acetaminophen products do, they can read the long descriptions at this URL:

By using the search function and the word "acetaminophen" they can also discover other relevant information.


Hilary Butler,
New Zealand.

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