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E.coli vaccine and other related nonsense

Hilary Butler - Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fiercebiotech - a very appropriately named propaganda company, has announced the development of a new nanoemulsion intranasal e.coli vaccine supposedly,---  as you see, --- to prevent 53 million women (at a yearly cost of 3.5 billion dollars) recurrent and painful urinary tract infections.  Which crystal ball produced those figures?  But more importantly, as expected, they wouldn't dream of telling women that recurrent e.coli infections can be plonked right at the doorstep of medical plonkers who dish out repeated antibiotics like lollies - and don't tell women that THEY are the direct cause of repeated E.coli infections.

Antibiotics constantly napalm the gut flora of these women with antibiotics resulting in worse and more entrenched infections which turn into a vicious cycle.  What doctors need to do is deal with the fundamental issue, but because most doctors might not know an e.coli from a hamburger, or really appreciate what the fundamental issues are.

And how many doctors have any idea that these antibiotics are going to napalm the whole of you? 

Most doctors give poeople the impression that when they get a little test back saying "e.coli" -  that the antibiotics will only kill the e.coli, and leave everything just the same as before.

How many doctors would say "Oh I know that. ."....  if you went and said that a recent medical article showed that antibiotics not only napalm ALL gut flora, but in doing so, the antibiotics alter pathways involving "steroid hormones, eicosanoid hormones, sugar, fatty acid, and bile acid. "These hormones have very important functions in our health," says Antunes. "They control our immune system, reproductive functions, mineral balance, sugar metabolism, and many other important aspects of human metabolism."

Yet the medical profession knows that antibiotics significantly alter the gut flora in babies and adults, predispose to asthma and potentially cause a whole lot of huge problems down the line which no-one talks much about.  And fewer still even talk about how antibiotics create all this damage.

Antibiotics are held to be as sacrosanct and as untouchable as vaccines.  The current project of swabbing all New Zealand children in socioeconomically deprived areas, and putting all those carrying strep A on monthly injections of penicillin until they are 21 to "prevent rheumatic fever" is madness. 

It's madness, firstly because the medical literature clearly states that children on healthy diet will NOT get rheumatic fever.  But it's easier to needle a child every month for a few years, than teach parents what not to put in their kids mouths.

It's madness, second, because by irreversibly changing the gut flora, they will fuel bacterial resistance, the development of more superbugs in the wider community as well... , and by destroying that child's gut flora, those children will become far more susceptible to other bacterial infections, and.... CANCER.

I know, because I've read the medical literature which shows that. 

So if you happen to be one of those mothers whose kid is being jabbed monthly with penicillin, perhaps you need to be asking yourself, and your doctor, some penetrating questions.

But back to E.coli.

Years ago, I had the priviledge of helping a man whose life was destroyed by a spinal laminectomy operation which went very badly.  He landed up getting help from Burwood, and another centre which helped paraplegics.  Paraplegics can have serious e.coli problems, partly because of antibiotics, but also because many of them have zero bowel movement, so when faeces just sit there, e.coli is delighted.

This man overcame his chronic repeated e.coli infections by following the advice given to him by a paraplegic doctor, which was, "Simple.  Just take 5 grams of sodium ascorbate ( a non-acid form of vitamin C) every day and you'll have no problem."

He told me about that, because in going through his medical files I noted years of positive E-coli urinary tract infections cluster-bombed by course after course of antibiotics, and then... nothing.  "How come?", I asked.

Years later, when a woman I knew lamented the huge monetary cost to her of repeated antibiotics for e.coli infections, and physical costs of the infections.... I said, "Don't you ever wonder why it is that the antibiotics have not only not fixed the problem, but have made it worse?"

It had never occurred to her that the "repeated" nature of the problem was caused by antibiotics, rather than a result of "antibiotic failure".  Her doctor had persuaded her that "when we find the right one for you, it will go."  Hahaha.....  bollocks.

No-one had explained to her, what antibiotics did in the body.  Do any doctors?.  After all, if everyone was told that antibiotics napalmed the gut flora and altered crucial biophysical pathways including "hormones, immune system, reproductive functions, mineral balance, sugar metabolism, and many other important aspects of human metabolism ..." would people take antibiotics as unquestioningly as they do now?  I wouldn't.  I'd be asking, "Don't you have any alternative to messing up my body?" Not that I get to ask that question, because I'm allergic to antibiotics and haven't had any for 30 years.

I relayed to this woman, what this man told me about sodium ascorbate and why, and with nothing to lose, she tried it out.

She's never been back to the doctor since. Sure, the vitamin C costs, but not nearly as much, either financially or physically as big-pharma's costly ineffective solutions.

And let's face it.. if the antibiotics actually worked, there would be no "need" for this vaccine!

This fancy nano-e.coli vaccine is unnecessary.  If all of these supposed 53 million women started taking sodium ascobate, that would fix their problems.  But that would be 3.5 billion per annum LESS for big pharma, so we can't have that.

This fancy e.coli vaccine might actually come to nothing anyway, because anything to do with e.coli is fraught with huge danger, which the researchers should know about if they have read up on the development and problems with e.coli-derived L-Asparaginase, which was once used to treat leukemia and other cancer, but which caused endo-toxic shock, and a whole raft of problems all traceable back to the action of E.coli on the body.

I happened to know the scientist who warned the wallies developing L-Asparaginase, that that would be the result, and he said that they all fell around laughing, as if he was Queen Victoria's court jester.  They were wrong, and he was right.

E.coli isn't something to be either played around with, or messed around with.  Which makes you wonder why doctors mess with it, with antibiotics.  Answer.  They are limited by what they are allowed to do.

So why does vitamin C work on E.coli?  Because it detoxifies the bacterial lipo-polysaccharide (which is the endotoxin) brilliantly, and supports the kupffer cells, and other parts of the immune system which deal with e.coli.

In fact, those parts of the immune system REQUIRE vitamin C to do their work, and if they don't have enough, they just stand there and thumb noses - which is ONE reason why these women get repeated infections. 

Antibiotics cause a cycle like this: antibiotics trash flora; e.coli increases; uses up lots of vitamin c; woman temporarily has sub-acute scurvy; e.coli gets upper hand; more antibiotics, and... so the crazy cycle goes on.


There are no big patents, happy shareholders, extended CV's, peer acclaim and yearly winging around to lots of speaking spots of prestigious conferences to be gained from a DOCTOR standing up and saying, "Hey chaps, isn't it interesting that vitamin C nukes and keeps away E.coli urinary tract infections in women?"

Anyone saying that, just stepped "across the pale" and would be banished to professional wilderlands.

So they keep their mouths shut;... (antibiotics are "good", vaccines are "better) and.... women keep getting infections with no end in sight unless they know a nerd who understands a bit of biochemistry missing from medical school education.

So one day, some doctor from big pharma will pop up with this new vaccine "plum" and say, "Oh, look what a good boy I am."

Oh and by the way, being super high techno-nano state of the art, this unnecessary vaccine will come at a super high price.

All for the want of some vitamin C.




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