“Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God re-mould your minds from within...”
Romans 12:2

Everyone knows who dunnit...

Hilary Butler - Sunday, June 26, 2011

Did you know that the Kahui twins were actually triplets?  Funny how so few media get that point.  It's a very important one, but perhaps the 'why' of that, is for another blog. You know, the easiest thing for Macsyna to do would have been to stay silent, and walk away.  It's interesting to me how so much key information is being "left out" of the media reporting. 

If the police had evidence implicating Macsyna, she would have been on trial, not Chris. If Macsyna was found guilty, she would be in prison by now, not on the outside.

Why do people consider it their "right” to start a hate-mail/facebook campaign against Macsyna King and Ian Wishart?  Democracy in action, means people can talk to who they like, and write a book if they want.  Like David Bain.  There's plenty of Bain-haters out there, too.  Democracy in action means that people who have already made their mind up and decided David and Macsyna are guilty, because they "know"... don't have to buy the books

Trial by public assumption is more than the first step towards mob rule.  It's gang warfare of another kind.  Just without the colours and the patches.  But it's own "initiation" relies on emotional and social bullying, which if seen in children in school, would result in the psychologists being brought in. 

Not long ago, I was contacted by a father, who had been (wrongly) accused of SBS of one of their twins.   

The interesting part of the very first email was this:

I feel so bad that for years when I have seen these cases on TV, I just KNEW that these people were horrible and they had done it....Now I wonder how many of them really didn't do it, and I realize innocent people are being accused. My lawyer even said to me, when I told her I am telling her the truth, that she doesn't care about the truth, that she cares about facts that can help her clients!!!. Huh? I wonder how many of those supposedly protecting our children feel the same way? -- I don't think they really do care about the truth... And to think all this time I have been so naive to think that these types of things don't happen to good parents.

When it affects you presonally it really wakes you up.

Then you get scared and then you start constantly researching and of course I don't want to get in trouble, or the baby's mother... and I want our child back, but ...

As it turned out, that particular case was relatively easily solved..., and other specialists were able to florridly embarrass a whole raft of experts who were adamant it was SBS. Yet these same incompetent medical experts who were proven wrong, went back to work uncensured, and probably still think they were correct!  Worse, they are free to potentially jail another innocent victim. Meanwhile, families go through agony, have children unfairly removed, and in this case, the family didn't get their child back for 15 months.

I wouldn't be surprised if these parents were now "paranoid", on the watch for CYPS and a whole raft of other people who "know"... spying on their every move!

In the eyes of the Judgemental Jo and Jane Blow-Public, it's always "other parents", who "murder" their children, isn't it?

It’s not surprising Macsyna would seek out someone like Ian Wishart, who knows that so much of what we are told is pre-chewed pap. Who else might Macsyna have felt "safe" getting to write her side of the story, especially when trying to get out from under "cultural" safety-in-silence?

Can you see the medical system, the police, and the current media being able to give her a fair hearing? Or the public - exemplified by the sweeping comments on facebook?

What say Macsyna has some REAL insight to offer? I'd rather hear what SHE has to say, not what everything else thinks she SHOULD say or do. I don't want to read her words, twisted by corporate media....

There is an old saying that mob rule speaks other people's thoughts, and is a conformist's slave

Before my wake-up call, I rented brain space to the system too, believing in my "intelligent, logical" thoughts.... just like all these provaccine people on the radio and in the newspaper who think that the unvaccinated kids from Oratia School, are going to infect and possible kill all their vaccinated kids.

Are we an educated, civilised society, with the ability to "think"? Supposedly, civilised society requires people not to jump to conclusions.  We all want others to give us the benefit of the doubt if unjustly accused, or - at the very least, fairly hear our side of the story. 

Macsyna shouldn't be allowed to tell her story, according to facebook, because they all personally know that Macsyna is a murderer? 


As to making money from a book.    Slim chance. 





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