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Flu vaccines and real prevention

Hilary Butler - Thursday, April 08, 2010

The medical system knows that the flu data is misleading, but that doesn’t matter. They will do each other a good turn at every possible opportunity. So Professor Robert Scragg, who co-authored this paper which shows that vitamin D deficiency is the driver  as to whether or not anyone gets influenza at all, isn’t going to stand up and say, “Don’t worry about the flu vaccine. Just make sure your doctor prescribes 12 wee vitamin D tablets, which will cost you $3.20 at the pharmacy, and you take one a month. This will stop you getting the flu.” But no. See, Dr Scragg is immovably pro-vaccine. Though I’d be surprised if he takes the annual flu vaccine.

Dr Scragg knows that vitamin D prevents flu in school children  and of course, in explanation as to why so many children didn’t get swine flu, you get explanations like this one – that the children had it, but just didn’t know they had it.  So much for Swine flu being a serious flu.

Have you heard Dr Sragg speak out on taking vitamin D to prevent the flu? No? And, you won’t, because vitamin D can prevent many things. The flu, ordinary respiratory infections, TB, breast cancer… the list is huge. But lots of people make their living out of slamograms, smear tests, Gardasil vaccines, OTC flu medicines which don’t work, or make thing worse, etc. There is a whole industry based around what people can be conned into doing, if you scare them witless enough. As in “never give a sucker an even break”.

So Dr Scragg, and the other medical people have proven that New Zealanders are deficient in vitamin D, vitamin K, selenium and a whole raft of micronutrients which prevent or reduce huge numbers of medical conditions, take all these supplements themselves, and talk about them in medical literature where they think you won’t look, but NEVER come out in the bald light of day, and TELL you what they know, because it might upset the careers and incomes of one of their mates.

Your health only comes into the equation when you support the system’s status quo. Real health? What’s that?

Actually, they know. But you can’t make money out of healthy people, can you?



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