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Gardasil is no sure fire protection

Hilary Butler - Saturday, June 12, 2010

Drs Hazel Lewis and John Holmes from the Ministry of Health (MOH), took an opportunity in the Herald letters to the editor to “swipe” an article called “Jab no surefire protection”  which they maintain undermines an important health initiative. Never mind that the article was based on a Ministry of Health press release, and gave no negative information about the Gardasil vaccine itself. Reading it, I thought that the MOH would be delighted at the meek compliance of it all. Not so. This MOH whine actually joins the ranks of “pillock” status, because the article was rightly addressing what many published medical studies show and the MOH had identified – that most people vaccinated with Gardasil, think they don’t need smears.

In fact, recently published articles also show that mother and daughter knowledge about Gardasil and HPV is absolutely atrocious. Which makes you wonder just what the word education means.

That aside, perhaps there is another light in which to look at this. Perhaps this is all part of the new, “Have your monetary cake and eat it” strategy. Double-dipping, if you like, without paying a bean. Send out a press release and then whine about the media’s angle.

And if there is an anti-vaccine argument put, then MOH get the opportunity to whine yet again.

But that’s okay. The majority who are pro-vaccine, who know just about nothing about either Gardasil or HPV also know just about nothing about how to report a reaction. Not that vaccine manufacturers are much better. Pfizer has just been given a whack for repeated, systemic inability to report drug reactions.  Ad nauseum

The FDA conducted a 6-week inspection of Pfizer's New York headquarters in July and August of 2009, where agency inspectors found system-wide lapses at the world's largest drugmaker.

The patient reports "contained serious and unexpected adverse events... that were not submitted until they were identified during the FDA inspection," Pace wrote. Efforts to fix the problem "have been shown to be ineffective," he added.

Business as usual. Why would you expect anything different from Merck? These kinds of incidences have been endemic in drug and vaccine manufacturers since way before Sir Graham Wilson, wrote “The Hazards of Immunization”  in 1967. He was a man eminently qualified to write such a text  Indeed this book (obtainable here ) was only possible because a vaccine manufacturer’s employee, with a nagging conscience, released unpublished data to the author, a point I’ve never seen made in any book review!

I was hoping to be able to put up a long list of detailed medical records and CARM reports of some exceeding serious reactions to Gardasil, but I’m not going to be able to. Why? For different but similar reasons to why “The Hazards of Immunization” might never have been written in the first place.

Although many of these people are prepared to ring ME, and tell ME all about it, and whine and gripe about what they see as the problems their children have suffered after Gardasil, only a few are prepared to confront their doctors, report to CARM, get copies of their medical files, or indeed, even do anything constructive to help their children. Why?

Here is an example of an important sub-group of girls with serious reactions after Gardasil.

Unexplained seizures.

These girls suddenly start getting seizures after any of the Gardasil vaccines, but most after the first or second. Most of them have no family history of seizures. Their parents are mystified and intellectually helpless about seizure issues, so they ‘trust’ their doctors.

Yet they continue the series and get the third shot, which quite often is followed by another seizure within 24 hours. Most of these girls also have extreme tiredness and numbness of the injected arm. They are put on some pretty heavy duty anti-seizure medications, and have to have regular blood tests, and cannot drive, of course. Their social lives are curtailed.

Aside from the few parents who are reporting reactions and making a difference, the other parents tend to recoil, saying, “Oh, that would make my doctor angry. I need my daughter to be having good treatment. I don’t want to rock the boat.” And so the excuses roll on and on and on. When I ask, “Don’t you think your doctor should have talked this over with you him/herself, and report it themselves?” there is usually a stunned mind numbing silence. I sometimes wonder who taught these parents to think.

This lack of commonsense (pillockry), plays right into the hands of CARM and MOH who wouldn’t think of doing an review of whether or not the use of seizure medications in adolescents has increased, would they???

If a parent or doctor doesn’t report a reaction, it doesn’t exist, does it?

CARM can go on and on about how they tell doctors to report vaccine reactions, but if doctors don’t SEE what’s in front of their eyes, WHY would they report something they don’t see?

The powers that be can then say that Gardasil is proven to be “perfectly” safe. If Gardasil wasn't safe, they would "know", wouldn't they??! And they would tell us, wouldn't they??!

As for the families who won't report reactions to CARM, at some point they have to realise the consequences of their collective silence. In my opinion, this collective parental and medical silence is the equivalent of being complicit in the serious damage inflicted on the next lot of Gardasil recipients. If future Gardasil recipients have reactions, because there "are no reactions to Gardasil", no doubt many of their parents will also become part of the bigger, larger collective silence about the consequences of Gardasil.

Speaking out is then left to the few who possess a backbone. They will then be called "anti-vaccine", and subjected to the pillorying, and slander to which any whistleblower is subjected.  I can quite see why some parents of vaccine injured children, chose to stay silent, but that doesn't mean I like it.

It pays for those seriously considering any vaccine, or drug, to remember that quite apart from systemic corruption between Big Pharma and their joined-at-the-hip regulatory industry, "collective silence" is actually a polite way to describe the much bigger hidden history of medicine.

Complier, beware.


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