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Mandatory vaccine trials?

Hilary Butler - Thursday, January 19, 2012

One of my favourite haunts is a website called www.clinicaltrials.gov This website is where you see past, present and proposed vaccine trials.

It's a must for anyone looking at vaccines, particularly if you are looking at whether or not trials are applicable to YOU or your family. It's not unusual to find that one of more of your family members might have been excluded from a vaccine trial because of a "health condition".  Yet, when the vaccine is licensed, it's considered "safe" for everyone, including all the people excluded from the trials in the first place.

Quite a few of the trials on the website, have been suspended because of "lack" of healthy participants.

That doesn't mean there aren't enough supposedly healthy people around, one assumes... -  if you believe the whingers. Supposedly, it's because people don't want to be part of vaccine safety trials. So what's the possible solution?

Why, that's obvious, particularly with terrorists just waiting to kill off everyone with something really serious, so a medical journal has the answer...... let's consider mandatory vaccine trails.

I have absolutely no problem with mandatory vaccine trials, in the following recipients:

Everyone in the medical profession including: FDA CDC, ACIP,

All doctors and nurses in hospitals.

Anyone in any capacity who attempts to bully a parent to stick needles, or who actually injects vaccines into any other person.

Everyone involved in the manufacturing, transporting, licensing, and advocating of mass vaccination, and that of course includes Bill Gates, his family and everyone working at Microsoft.

There are SO MANY PEOPLE in this industry which seeks to mandate what parents should do, that given these staggering numbers, there should never be any problems recruiting vaccine safety trial subjects, should there?

After all, with safety of vaccines "a given", all of these people should have no hesitation to stepping up to the plate, and walking the walk. Pardon the mixed metaphors....

There is also a large group amongst the provaccine zealots who are now seeking to overturn philosophical objections in the states of America which currently have such a provision. And if they could, they would remove the religious objections as well. Some really dyed-in-the-wool amongst them, would also eliminate medical exemptions, since there is no vaccine which cannot be administered in hospital so that if the patient keels over, ICU can bring them back to life, ... maybe. But they will leave those two legal exemptions alone for now, because they can't upset the Muslims, and getting the medical exemption nuked might be a push too far...

Mandatory vaccination trials should start "at home" - using all the people who avidly want everyone else to "Just Do It" without question, and without exemption, and without reference to the realities of the clinical trials which often exclude more than 30% of the general population.

Fair enough, don't you think? And just think. For once, we might get an accurate assessment of vaccine reactions.

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