“Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God re-mould your minds from within...”
Romans 12:2

Misplaced trust, and legalised bullying

Hilary Butler - Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This afternoon was surreal.  While I was cooking my husband was out in the back yard, talking to someone about some people we knew, who were going through hell and back again, in the family court.  No, nothing to do with vaccines that we know about, but you know what?  If things go wrong, and you "go to the system" to get help to sort it out, don't be surprised if the system demands you do what it says, and gets pissy if you don't.  It's legalised bullying.  He'd just come inside to tell me about it, when the phone rang, which derailed that conversation by a few hours.  On the other end of the phone was a very angry mother, just side-swiped by their local hospital.

To cut a long story short, she'd gone with her pregnant daughter  to town, but while in town, the daughter's nose started to bleed, and wouldn't stop.  Mess everywhere.  Being in town, they dropped in to A&E, to stop the bleeding, clean it up somewhere safe, and "just to be sure".  The hospital though, had other ideas.  Finding that the girl was pregnant and hadn't yet signed up with a lead maternity carer, the hospital "took over".  What shocked the mother was how "rude" and non-consultive the staff were.  Without asking, or explaining, a nurse opened the girls mouth and stuck something on her tongue.  "For nausea" (from a nose bleed?)  The mother and girl are saying, "What was that?"  "For nausea" was the answer. One thing after another, happened on top of each other.  Like rote.  The mother kept going, "What?...  what?" utterly breathless.... and not knowing how to cope.

"Hospital was never like that, the last time I was there!" She said.

And here was me thinking this sort of thing rarely happened, unless you happened to be a parent who didn't vaccinate your children!

Both explained this road-roller which was on auto-pilot, and took over with that attitude - you know, "I'm from the Nanny Government and we're here to help".  My foot. How about explanations, informed consent, and basic decency?  Nope.

Some time later, while on the doorstep leaving the hospital, they looked at each other, and appointment times they had been bullied into accepting -  for blood tests and MORE ultrasounds for Down's Syndrome, and a whole raft of other systematised rote.  They were breathless.  Just how did that happen?

We spent the afternoons discussing the implications of everything that had happened, and what to do next.  What information they really needed.  The importance of finding a lead maternity carer who actually was compassionate, caring, and didn't want to constantly interfere every which way, to justify their existence. Who actually wanted to TALK and relate, as human being.

Of cancelling state-imposed nanny-appointments, and doing things the RIGHT way, with a carer they trust.

What upset the mother and her daughter most was the curt and dismissive way both were treated, JUST because they had not yet got a lead maternity carer.  I asked how "pregnant" she was, and was astonished.  I was four weeks more pregnant than this girl before I even THOUGHT about a lead maternity carer.

Sitting back and analysing this in the context of Nanny Nicki and her agenda to bully parents yearly if they chose not to vaccinate; what courts and CYPS make a non vaccinating parent do, when the other partner (usually a control freak) wants to get the child vaccinated, primarily to spite the parent, not out of concern for the child.

Oh yes, "Must protect kiddie" is said by parent, and intoned by Nanny Nikki, because if you admitted that you agreed with the partner while cohabitting, and that your "change of mind" was really a spiteful game of making your EX look bad, that would be bullying, would it.  And the state can only condone bullying, when the State is the bully.  Preferably with the weight of the law behind the bullying.

The state "goes after" child abusers.  Now, that's okay, if they REALLY abused their children.  But the state also goes after anyone it can go after, in any way the state can get away with it.

This week, I've heard so many horror stories about "the system", that the only word that about sums up the actions of the people who decided to behave this way, is "evil".

Yesterday, there was yet another item about a 95 year old on trial for an alleged Nazi crime.

But why does everyone go on about Hitler, and Nazi and do absolutely nothing about Stalin, or Lenin's crimes?  Both of them tortured, and killed far more people than anyone tried to pay back Hitler.  Yet who would know?

We live in a democracy.  Most people who live in a democracy, assumes that a democratic system tells the truth, and only has your best interests at heart.  And most of the young today, don't consider why a system should always be held accountable, as well as constantly brought into line.

If you are going to deal with a system, you better KNOW what you are getting yourself into because if you don't, then you may well get run over, and spat out in the process.


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