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Romans 12:2

Polypill and indulgences

Hilary Butler - Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Did you see this gem of a programme?. The worried well are killing themselves by shelling out lots of money on vitamins. Vitamins cause more deaths than second hand smoking. Never mind that the data is pure bunk. What did you think? Scared witless now? The “truth” of this matter couldn’t be funnier. Or sicker, depending on what meaning you put to the term “sick joke”.

But how many people would appreciate the irony that the doctor, fronting this programme slating vitamins, is not other than big- pharma-funded Professor Rod Jackson, whose expertise is the polypill for the worried well.  Well, at least, for those whose faith is vested in an industry which tops the charts of causes of deaths with “Preventable medical error, hospital acquired infections and drug reactions. For those who are “rattling” with pills, and who, in all likelihood, have never had a cross analysis done on the chemical combinations created by those pills as they all clangingly gather together in the stomach after being swallowed.

The Polypill is supposed to combine some of the rafts of those tablets people so willingly take, into one tablet comprised of dementia inducing Statin, ulcer creating aspirin, and blood pressure drugs, which have a whole raft of other problems all to themselves. These are designed, of course, for the “worried well” to make sure that while they are still well, they can fill the coffers of big pharma bountifully.

How might that be? Well, if you can convince everyone from the age of 25 years, to go on the polypill on the promise that they won’t have a heart attack or a stroke at the end of their lives, you’ve created a money for jam bonanza.

It’s just another form of “indulgences” really.

Just remember that these are the same people who want everyone to be born with the same blood pressure, and to maintain that blood pressure for life, in defiance of the biochemical need for blood pressure to rise as you get older.

These are the same people who create a worried well population who are so scared of disease, that these well people will buy into any possible vaccine on the belief that every single person on the face of the earth would get sick and die of every disease if there were no vaccines. Never mind that “history” is proof that such an idea is ridiculous.

These are the same people who would put everyone on statins, yet serially turn their backs on the deaths and disabilities caused by their own poisons which so often block vital enzyme pathways in the body resulting in the body getting sicker. After all, who needs the co-q 10s, magnesium, and b-vitamins blocked by the actions of all these drugs? Didn’t you know, that vitamins can kill you?

The medical profession has made a serial art form of fear promotion, in order to part the fool from his money. Just remember. Swine flu will kill you next year. Or the year after. Or perhaps the one after that. Because they say so.

Why do most people have less trust in the advertised virtues of toasters, vacuum cleaners and shoes, than they do of the medical professions’ solutions purveyed on the worried well?

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