“Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God re-mould your minds from within...”
Romans 12:2

Science without principles

Hilary Butler - Monday, September 28, 2009

You know, I have no problem with scientific principles but I sure have problems when science has no principles. It beggars belief when you read the headlines in a newspaper which says, "More than half million (USA) kids get bad drug reactions". Okay, okay... maybe that's true. Read further, and you'll see it is. But these drug reactions are elective drugs like penicilin, paracetamol, and 'stuff'. Then further down, we read, "similar numbers of hospitalized children - about 540,000 yearly, also have bad reactions to drugs including side effects, medicine mix-ups and accidental overdoses." Okay? Parents are admonished to pay close attention when their children are started on medicines, since "first-time" medication exposures may reveal an allergic reaction." Fine. But. There's a very big BUT here.

What happens when you change the word "drug" to "v-a-c-c-i-n-e-s"?

What happens when a child gets paralysed after a Cervarix vaccine, and lands up in hospital? No-no.  Vaccines don't do anything worse than give sore arms and itty bitty temperatures.... and if you die, your parents will get the usual run around.  

Funny though.  The excuses of the medical profession are getting ever more ludicrous and they can't see it.  Take CSL's new Panvax Swine flu vaccine, ... it's not the vaccine that causes side effects.... it's the needle! How cute. And don't you love how dumbed down, information pamphlets have become?  Do they honestly think that thinking people who have had blood tests, which are also a needle, are going to buy this kind of nonsensical rubbish?  Obviously.  Or they would never have published it.  Perhaps a worse question should be asked.  Are people this stupid today?  Just blame the hollow metal tube, and not the stuff coming down it? 

When it comes to something that's got the potential to be jabbed into every baby, child, adolescent, adult and elderly person, which involves so much money, "truth" becomes a loose and fast word game. The medical mental shutters clang down, and wham... a mother is accused of having munchausens, and a child is cooped up in hospital with a "learned" illness. Never mind that there are lots of other girls who have received either Cervarix, or Gardasil with serious reactions, been paralysed and  died.

Ever since my eyes were opened to this issue 28 years ago, the mantra has always been, "When it comes to vaccines, a serious reaction is always something that would have happened anyway, and can't have anything to do with the vaccine."

Drugs however? ... That's another matter.  They can be honest about drugs, after all.. patents come and go, new drugs supercede old one, and not everyone takes every drug, so "drugs" are not the money spinner that vaccines are.

How is it that a million or so children, every year, are admitted to suffer from reactions from drugs etc, yet when it comes to the 4.4 million USA babies who are vaccinated every year, most reactions are listed as coincidental?

Why is this suddenly a serious issue?

For two reasons.  The first is that given half a chance, the whole world will soon be vaccinated against swine flu, because that crystal ball says the second wave will wipe us all out. Isn't world-wide vaccination, what the WHO has been relentlessly moving towards since 25th February?  Some countries have already made the swine flu vaccine compulsory. So the medical profession is now scampering around, studying what they say is "normal" in the calamity stakes.   How will we know whether what they say is even the truth? Why would they do this?  They have to get geared up for all the parents, who are listened to seriously, when their million or so children suffer after prescription or OTC drugs.... suddenly start to say, "Oh my child had the swine flu vaccine and now has X, Y, Z." 

Doctors are frantically trying to develop a data base to show what are all the nasty things that happen normally without vaccines on the scene, so that they can tell these parents that it wasn't the vaccine...  "Don't blame the flu shot for all ills, say officials"....."As soon as swine flu vaccinations start next month, some people getting them will drop dead of heart attacks or strokes, some children will have seizures and some pregnant women will miscarry."

As they say, you have to expect deaths because people die every day anyway....and there's much talk about people dying and getting Guillaine Barre Syndrome with the last swine flu vaccine in 1976.  

When a child has an adverse reaction to a vaccine, what often happens is that some doctors start out supporting parents, and saying they think it was the vaccine.  After IMAC, or the Centre for Adverse Reactions Monitorring has had a word in their ear, parents are presented with a sullen face, words of denial, and no support.  What else could explain the doctor's attitudinal flipflop?  I've seen it so many times now, that I warn parents before hand, that if anything happens to their child, and their child gets seriously sick, that they will face a brick wall 99.99% of the time. And if the parents get stroppy about it, beware.  Because it's the parents who will be sent to the head shrink for analysis, not the doctor.

Why this denial?  It's very simple actually.  Money.  No, I didn't say conspiracy.  I said "money".  Big Business.  Big Bucks.  And after all, that's what businesses do isn't it?  Make their stakeholders and shareholders happy.

There aren't too many journals or newpapers which will admit this, but one magazine which tells about vaccines being ALL about money, is a magazine no average parent would think to look in.  Take this piece from the Wall Street Journal in America.

"Vaccine sales are growing faster than sales of other prescription medicines and are largely immune to the generic competition that is already costing drug makers billions of dollars in revenues on their top-selling treatments.....

Vaccines are expected to generate $21.5 billion in sales by 2012.

In one of the deals, Johnson & Johnson paid €302 million ($441 million) for an 18% stake in Dutch biotech company Crucell NV, in order to jointly develop vaccines. In addition. Abbot Laboratories confirmed it will acquire a unit of Belgian conglomerate Solvay SA for €4.5 billion in a deal that includes a vaccine-making business."  

You work out for youself what 4.5 billion Euros is in dollars.  No drug company is going to be spending this sort of money, unless they know that they are virtually guaranteed unfettered access to a captive market of every person, even in the remotest corners of the world... throughout their lives.  You spend veryyyy big bucks, because you expect massive bucks in return.  And this captive market is primarily healthy people, who are NOT sick and might never get X disease, or if they do, might also never get complications or die.  Yes, some people will, but usually there is a reason. 

Addressing those reasons though, isn't profitable, and, frankly, it's a whole lot harder than just sticking needles into people.

Denying the truth that vaccines can cause serious, denied damage, death and family carnage is essential.

The language of infectious diseases is all about WAR. "War against AIDs" "fighting the scourge of the flu".  You've heard it all before.  The language of vaccines is couched in war terminology. 

And as in real war, the first casualty is always truth.
At all costs, parents must not see that the emperor has no clothes. 
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