“Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God re-mould your minds from within...”
Romans 12:2

Twenty-five years plus is quite a long time....

Hilary Butler - Saturday, October 02, 2010

(By Peter Butler) Especially when it's been spent dealing with issues and systems governed by engrained mindsets, and heavily influenced by huge vested interests more interested in profits, than making available all of the facts ...without restriction; or providing customized care to unique individuals, rather than trying to fit everyone into their "one-size-fits-all" moulds.

Health and wellness concerns everyone. The problem is, the definition of "health" and "wellness" depends on who is defining it.

We all have to live and move according to the fitness of our bodies, from conception to death and everything in between.

Twenty-five years plus of research into many related health issues has uncovered information from which everyone should benefit thus eliminating many “problems”, and radically reduce dependence on the medical systems’ treatment with so many unnecessary side effects. Pharmaceutical companies’ strategies and motives need to be exposed, but tread on pet corns and you’ll get a predictable reaction! Anyone who threatens such juggernauts cannot be tolerated.

They will become sacrificial offerings to be silenced by all sorts of subtle techniques. If this is hard to believe then start digging beneath the surface and sooner or later you will discover what it is like to work in a minefield! Hazardous at least!

To change the metaphor: stick your neck out and you will soon be clobbered in many many ways.

Throughout the world there are those man and women who have, and are, fronting up to these powerful systems as they seek truth and justice, for themselves and others.

More and more parents and families are being torn apart as a result of ignorance, mistrust, lies and subtle deceits and long drawn-out (and very expensive) legal proceedings.

As these “needs” increase, and people cry out for advice and assistance, it soon becomes apparent that there is a serious shortage of “qualified” people who are willing to help in such situations.

Many are hamstrung by bureaucracy, discrediting strategies, threats and lack of money.

Heart-wrenching stories, and appeals, reach our ears, and the numbers are increasing, all over the world. In many places, those in need don’t know where to turn for help.

What can be done in the face of these problems?

The easy way is to shrug your shoulders and walk away from it all. Involvement can be “dangerous” and “costly”. The easiest way to do something, is to do nothing.

However, we would like you to consider the following questions – all directly or indirectly related to health issues which in some way will impact everyone, either now, or in the future:

  •  What sort of a doctor do I want?
  •  A paternalistic dictator, to relieve me of the hard work of informed decision making and health care choices for my family?
  •  Does my doctor listen to me; ask sensible questions; think laterally; work as a partnership, and make information available on all possible treatments from a wide range of modalities?
  •  Do I trust the state-promoted medical system implicitly for all my health care?
  •  Am I completely happy and willing to use the drug companies’ products prescribed by my doctor?
  •  If not, do I have genuine reservations?
  •  Can I identify and vocalise those reservations?

 Am I strong enough to question medical advice given to me, and ask for clarifications and justifications on any hesitations I have?

• If I don’t like the “advice”, am I strong enough to decline what is offered by the medical system?

• If necessary, would I seek alternatives?

• How will I eventually decide what to do?

• Will I be prepared to research these matters myself, or will I depend on what others have done or are doing?

• What is the most effective method of working with paediatricians who believe the State, by law, is in-loco parentis, when parents’ choices aren’t paediatricians’ choices?

• What sort of knowledge base is required to get the best out of the medical system, and protect yourself and your family from the worst?

• How do I define which is the “best”, and which is the “worst”? 

Very often we are conditioned by tradition, customs, culture and family upbringing, and automatically continue those attitudes without question. Basic questions such as those, need to be faced:

  • Am I really taking responsibility for my own health?
  • When I get sick e.g. a cold, experience a fever, suffer a cut, or puncture-wound, what is my first reaction?
  • What should I do?
  • Do I want natural immunity, or will I follow through on vaccine-induced immunity programmes in the belief that they are better, and are completely safe?
  • Am I determined to eat a balanced diet with an awareness of the importance of vitamins and minerals and plenty of fruit and vegetables?
  • Am I aware of deficiencies in so many convenience foods available?
  • Does it make any difference to what I chose to eat?


The real test for health issues comes when Individuals become a family unit – when parents assume the responsibility for bringing healthy children into this world and providing for their needs.

This involves carefully planning each pregnancy.

Will the medical systems be in control throughout conception, birth, infancy, childhood, adolescence, and start that cycle again, in their adulthood?

These questions focus on issues that cannot be taken for granted, or left until the last moment when it is often too late to put right what has gone wrong. Now the personal pronoun “I” will has to become “we will” – the verb “should” allows feet in the door!!!.

Will we:

 start planning before any possibility of conception occurs?

  1. plan carefully every aspect of pregnancy?
  1. eat a healthy diet?
  1. educate ourselves about the type of delivery to be achieved e.g. homebirth?
  1. plan carefully and early, the type of midwife and other support?
  1. educate ourselves about, and say no to any unnecessary invasive/interfering procedures; e.g., immediate or any cord clamping; coping with labour, bottle feeding, vaccinations….. ?

Raising a family will always bring with it contact with the Health Department and other agencies supposedly designed to look after your best interests. Pressures will come from various quarters as each child develops. The previous questions will still be applicable and need to be heeded.

However, a new “danger” now becomes relevant – child abuse. While there are no doubt many parents who do abuse their children, the pendulum has swung far enough to include over-zealous “child protectors”, who can manufacture all sorts of sinister allegations, resulting in children being removed from their parents’ care. The system’s definitions of denying the “necessaries of life” can cover so many things these days, from failure to protect a child by not vaccinating, to shaken baby syndrome symptoms assumed to be indisputable, to home-schooled children considered to be “socially deprived” because they weren’t educated in a building with their peers.

The big questions here then, are:

 Am I aware of the traps laid for the unwary?

  • What can I do to avoid them?
  • How knowledgeable am I of what my rights, freedoms and choices are, as opposed to what some “expert” says should be the case?
  • Have I done everything possible, and even more, to ensure that I am not going to create problems through ignorance or carelessness?
  • Am I convinced that (knowledge) prevention is better than the cure, or is there an attitude that someone else can pick up the pieces if I mess things up?

...............And who would that someone be?

 What has been written here, underlines the fact that choices have to be made all the time as circumstances and situations change. The fact that everyday we are bombarded by so many clamouring voices, all pleading to be heard and obeyed, also creates confusion, and decision-making becomes more difficult.

So what often happens?

Find someone who has the answers - quick!

Help! Help! Help!

There are books that can be read – if you can find them. Try the library first.

There is the internet – if you have a computer and know how to use it.

There is the telephone – if you know who to ring.

And this is where “the 25 years is a long time” becomes pertinent.

It is easy to think that the fruits of research and practical experience is available on tap!

And remember .... that for the many others like us, ...  the amassing of this knowledge is often a labour of love, so that when other people are in difficult situations you try to make it available, very often at all hours of the day and night.

Sometimes concentrated assistance can be very lengthy – even as long as five years!

There comes a time when, with all the good will in the world, burn out has to be faced and dealt with. So a few more questions need to be asked, but first remember this:

If you are doing everything you can within the circumstances of your life, then you can do no more than that.  Each family's integrity and survival comes first, and we know the lives of some families with vaccine damaged children can be a suspended nightmare.  Nevertheless, we feel these are important questions:

Do these people and their families who collect and/or disseminat information deserve a lifestyle too?

When does the time come when they have to say “No”? Or be selective? Using what criteria?

How can the requests for assistance be met on a worldwide basis with so few people available?

If the “resource pool” dries up, or becomes disillusioned by being “once bitten, twice shy”, who is going to replace them?

Why is it so hard to find people who, having received help, willingly commit themselves to passing on similar help?

Where is the weight of voices from parents and others being heard, who have had to fight for justice and changed mindsets?

Do such groups exist for the benefit of others and the sharing of the load?

In every battle there are casualties. If the battle is to be won, reinforcements / replacements have to be found. The systems and vested interests have trained “snipers” who cope very well with the strategic “picking off” of any lone-voice opposition, but snipers don’t do well against a concentration of numbers.

After 25 years there is a need to confront people “out there” with the situation that exists now. Things are going to get tougher. Start digging, and that will become glaringly obvious.


We would make this suggestion.

Go back over all these questions and really personalise them.

Answer each one very carefully and honestly.

Have you read “Just a Little Prick”?

Have your read “From One Prick to Another”?

Do the messages they present mean anything to you?

And finally, some personal crunch questions:

  • What will I do to help when people cry out, “Help me!”
  • Will I be the one to help them myself, or will I pass the buck?
  • If I can’t help them, why can’t I help them?

 Perhaps “Life’s More Than a Riddle”  from “Out of the Mould”, might help.

Then ....    “Help!”

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