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A reasonable request

Hilary Butler - Monday, February 01, 2010

The original versions of three documents on this website, relating to Jasmine Renata, have been taken down, amended and replaced, after receipt of a letter signed by Mark Beech and Amy Scott of Sharp Tudhope solicitors, acting on behalf of Radius Medical Solutions.

Their perfectly reasonable request was that a specific doctor’s name mentioned on the report card, supplementary data and in the medical files, who joined the practice after Jasmine’s last consultation, does not wish any reader of this site, or these documents, to infer involvement in prescription, consulting, or treatment, when that was not the case.

I was asked that the relevant name be removed from the three documents previously placed here, by 5.00 p.m. "Friday, 5 February 2009" (yes, 2009!), and that in the event of failure to do this, the client may need to enforce legal rights.

The doctor’s concern is entirely reasonable and I am always only too happy to comply with such a request, and have done so. 

However… the issue could have been simply resolved by a telephone call, or an email to the website.

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