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Direct Drug marketing in New Zealand is a fact.

Hilary Butler - Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Yes, it is true that in New Zealand, direct drug marketting to consumers does take place.  You just have to sit down and read a local newspaper or a magazine aimed at parents to know that.

Right now, GlaxoSmithKline is on a vaccine advertising blizt. Two examples are attatched in this pdf. including an advertisement aimed at parents for chickenpox vaccine, and another aimed at parents for Rota-rix vaccine,   neither of which are covered by Pharmac.  If this isn't direct advertising, exactly what is?

That's just a quick example, specifically put here for one Iain Stewart who says that there is no direct marketting of vaccines in NZ, ever. 

Well, you're wrong on every count, Iain, so open your eyes up.

At no point in the film, were the words "billboards" mentioned. 

Since we don't watch TV I wouldn't have a clue. 

But I know one thing: I'm fed up with just about every local newspaper and magazine, having drug and vaccines ads in them.

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