“Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God re-mould your minds from within...”
Romans 12:2

Facts many people prefer to ignore.

Hilary Butler - Tuesday, September 07, 2010

(Written by Peter) How easy it is to fail to heed the significance of essential facts. The seriousness of this causes me to return once against to a statement I have made on many occasions especially when I have been talking to people.

Setting aside all the complexities that seem to permeate the screeds of material dealing with this theme, let me identify it in a very simple straightforward statement of a few words:

“I am a unique individual”.

Or I can restate it just as simply by saying, “You are a unique individual”.

Or “We are all unique individuals”.

On the basis of overwhelming evidence from all sorts of sources, this fact cannot be challenged.

In fact, to strengthen our uniqueness, we are body, soul and spirit. In other words when I analyse myself in the mirror; when I factor in the way my mind works, the emotions I experience, the way I make decisions, the roles of conscience and intuition in moment-by-moment living, plus “spirituality” in all its different forms, I can say with absolute certainty and conviction, “I am unique and there is NO ONE ELSE in the whole world quite LIKE ME.”

You can also make such a statement.

In fact, the world’s billions of people can say it!

Therein lies a problem! Perhaps I should say, “Therein lies billions of problems”.

Let’s face it, the world in which we live can only function by using systems of all sorts – examples of the main ones being political, educational, medical and financial. To operate the systems, there have to be structures, and plenty of bureaucrats! BUT SYSTEMS DO NOT ACCOMMODATE ALL UNIQUE INDIVIDUALS VERY WELL, if at all.

In an attempt to solve this incompatibility problem, various strategies and techniques are employed.

The unique individuals have to become manageable – split up and “boxed”!

We are named, numbered, categorized, assessed, computerized, “treated”, advised, experimented with, confronted with rules and regulations, and squeezed into as many moulds as possible.

If you survive these processes, and many others like them, and refuse to be made an acceptable conformist and suitably compliant, then other obstacles and persecutions will probably catch up with you sooner or later.

Does that sound extreme?

By studying the daily news media, you should soon find the answer to that question!

Systems could operate very well if we were all clones, but we were not created that way. I for one, am extremely thankful for that.

Out of the Mould”  is all about living beyond conformity, simply because we are unique individuals. We can choose to accept or reject these facts. It will be a personal decision. It will take place in the mind. The resultant action will be carried out by the “feet”, as it were, but the real “heart” of these matters is situated between the head and the feet! Too often the heart-felt belief is overridden by emotions (e.g. fear, intimidation) and lack of will-power (often likened to a switch).

....  Do we have “rights” and “freedoms” that help to safeguard our uniqueness?

We need to find out what they are, be prepared to fight for them, and to help others do the same.

Yes, very often it will be a struggle.

The “system” will be threatened by people who will be seen to be different because they haven’t been “standardized”, and the inculcation of the “right” mindsets have not been achieved.

How much is your uniqueness being controlled?


One of the reasons for the writing of the allegorical story,  “The Great Divide” was to help the readers identify with the practical outworking of the uniqueness issues I have raised here. Copies are available for the asking. See “It’s Quite an Eye-opener”  .

Maybe we need to strengthen our individual foundations before I toss some more thought-grenades in your direction.

The battle for the mind is never ending.

And if you feel like a chat anytime, please don’t hesitate to give us a phone call.

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