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Romans 12:2

Forced Penetration - no comparison?

Hilary Butler - Friday, April 24, 2015

Yesterday's blog  provoked a storm of protesting emails, akin to "How dare you compare the rape of a woman to vaccination!" According to the New Zealand Herald,  .... "Fiona McCormack, the CEO of Domestic Violence Victoria said the comparison was "so irresponsible and inappropriate"." Actually, I dare to disagree.

There is such a thing as "rape" and "medical rape"

I've been there on both counts.

First, rape. That was bad.

But it was nothing compared to how I felt after a week during and after the birth of our first son. The tame version of that is written up in a chapter in our first book.

I say "tame" because what is in that book, is the version that the defamation lawyer left behind after editing out the most raw of details.

I returned home an emotional and intellectual wreck, which wreaked havoc in my head in a way that rape had not even touched.

For a person who has never experienced both, perhaps they wouldn't know.

For a long time, I asked myself why it was that the hospital experience was actually worse than physical rape for me.

I think the reason that rape had fewer repercussions, was that I expected no less from one person who clearly had no respect for me at all.

But the medical system?

When it seems that every single person in the system suddenly has it in for you?

They were supposed to care about a mother in labour and the baby. They are supposed to respect a person's body. To understand informed consent. They are also supposed to know what they are talking about - to have read their own textbooks, and most importantly, they are in a position of trust which should never be abused - ever.

In 1981, over a period of seven days, every day.... someone would rip away another thread of trust.  Yet another person in the system thought they OWNED the right to do anything to my child, and if I disagreed, then they would call CYPS.

What went on that week was known throughout the whole hospital.

There are people today, still working in the system who were they able to recall that week, would know exactly what I was talking about, because the head of the records department resigned over the altering and wilful destruction of key documents which would have proved me right.

There were staff members who came to me on the quiet and apologised for what they saw going on, which was tantamount to unjustified medical malpractice.

I knew I was right, but the perpetrators collectively made sure that I would never find the proof. And the head of the records department was unable to stop them.

I'm not alone.

I've also lost count of the numbers of people through the years with similar birth stories to tell.

Just as bad are what previously trusting parents have to say about the medical response when their children who have reacted to vaccines.

Some of the worst stories I've heard have been post-Gardasil.

The reason that "rape" by the medical system blindsides you, is that when you walk in that hospital door you believe that everyone will do their best, and you trust them.

You walk in, open, placing absolute trust in other people's hands. You think that abuse will never happen there, or by them. It comes as a huge shock, and when it happens repeatedly, it's compounded insult on unjustifiable injury.

The reason I posted that picture, is that while it's an apt comparison in principle - on personal reflection, rape paled in comparison. But the "principle" is the same.

It's not alright for the Prime Minister to pull pony-tails even if he thinks it is. It's not alright to bully children. That can leave scars as bad as rape for some children. It's not alright to even touch anyone without their consent. It's not alright to rape a woman. And it's not alright for anyone in the medical system to think that they have medical decision-making rights on anyone's body but their own.

Therefore, to inject anyone with any vaccine that they don't want to be given, is in my mind, tantamount to a rape.

In my mind that also applies to any other forced medical treatment.

It's interesting to me, when anyone googles the story of Liam Holloway, hardly anyone gets their story right. According to mainstream media, his parents "merely" refused chemotherapy. In fact, what happened was that Liam's first round of chemotherapy was so hard on the child, that his parents wanted no more chemo. The system however, disagreed and was about to remove Liam from his parents, so they fled Wanaka, and spent 18 months on the run before being able to quietly leave New Zealand and take control of their decision making. 

Medical dictatorship is a global story, repeated every year in the developed world.

Whenever you take away a person's right to conscientiously object about anything, you open the door to systematic removal of all other personal freedom rights.

The political and medical system has become so aggressively possessive about their "rightness", that any country considering political legislation making compulsory medical "anything" comes as no surprise to me.

So, be warned. There just might come a day when the medical and political system implements a choice for you against your will, and you suddenly wake up and think...., "Hmm, that picture might not have beed so wrong after all...."

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