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IMAC's new minions

Hilary Butler - Monday, May 02, 2011

This morning, "Littlies" sent out the following IMAC propaganda email below, to all the people who sign up for Littlies monthly emails and promotional stuff for kids (Highlighting and comments mine). It would seem that like parliament, Littlies has utterly failed to understand the principle and rights of parents to have informed choice. 

Dear Whatchermacallit, 

As parents, we go the

extra mile to protect

our children, right?

Getting your child

immunised on time is

something you can do to

help protect them from

diseases that can make

them extremely sick.


When you immunise your

child, youre also

helping to protect your

family, friends, whanau

and community

(Hilary - all those multi-vaccinated people who shouldn't get sick anyway???)


the more people who are

immune, the lower the

chance of a disease

outbreak. Right now

about 16 out of 20 of

our under-two-year-olds

are fully immunised

(Hilary, and of course, shouldn't get sick at all, should they?)

which is not enough to

prevent epidemics but if

we can get to 19 out of

20, our communities will

be protected.


Just because we havent

experienced the kind of

epidemics our

grandparents lived

through, doesnt mean

these diseases

(Hilary - so how about explaining why there have been none of these epidemics "for two generations"?  Vaccination?)

have disappeared. Over the

past two years more than

300 New Zealand children

and adults caught

measles and almost 2500

caught whooping cough,

in outbreaks from

Canterbury to Northland.

(Hilary - and most of those children with whooping cough, were fully and appropriately vaccinated.  Nice sin of omission, eh IMAC?)

Some were so sick they

had to be hospitalised.

(Hilary - because the medical profession makes no attempt to teach people how to look after sick children, and when it comes to whooping cough, the medical profession itself, hasn't a clue.)

Immunisation works best

when your child gets the

recommended vaccines on

time because the

youngest ones are often

the most vulnerable.

(Hilary -  Amazing sweeping generalisation - and... EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL.  No mention whatsoever that a fully breastfed baby can't possibly get haemophilus, pneumococcus and has a greatly reduced likelihood of getting measles. And that's all in the medical literature.)

Many parents have

questions about how

their child will cope

with being immunised.

There are things you can

do to make it easier for

them and for you. Your

family doctor or health

professional can explain

how our free

immunisation programme

works and answer any

questions you have.


If your child is behind

with their immunisations

or youre having trouble

getting to an

appointment, talk to

your family doctor or

health professional.

They may be able to



Maybe youve put it off

because youre concerned

that your child is

unwell most children can

be immunised even if

they have a mild illness

like a cough or cold but

its best to check with

your health professional




www.immunise.govt.nz to

find out more about

immunisation, vaccine

safety and

effectiveness, the risks

and benefits, and common

reactions following

immunisation. You can

also check out some

real-life stories from

parents who made the

decision to immunise

their child.

(Hilary. Note, as per my last blog, this "decision TO immunise"....  Perhaps it's time to put up some real-life stories from people who made the decision NOT to immunise, and why.  Or would we be accused of purveying unscientific propaganda?) 

If you want to talk to

someone, you can also

call the Immunisation

Advisory Centres

toll-free helpline 0800

IMMUNE (0800 466863).


For more info, visit

immunise.govt.nz or call

the Helpline 0800 IMMUNE

(0800 466863).



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