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Infant Immunity - are the blind leading the blind?

Hilary Butler - Tuesday, December 03, 2013

On the 27th of November, the Malaghan Institute put out a press release, which reads in part:

Professor Graham Le Gros, Director of the Malaghan Institute, says immunology is a field in which there is still much to uncover.

“Your immune system does so much more than simply fighting infection. It scrutinises all cells in the body for signs of imperfection, and eliminates those not working properly. Our immune system also detoxifies and harmonises our body with the environment, the bugs that grow on us, and the toxins in the food that we eat. And it does so with minimal interruption to our daily lives.”

However, Professor Le Gros says it is becoming clear that the human immune system needs to be educated from the early months of life to know what it should, or shouldn’t, be attacking.

Our team of scientists at the Institute are working on applying this knowledge to the development of natural therapies that educate the immune system to stimulate the right type of immune responses for the treatment of cancer, asthma, allergy and other inflammatory diseases,” he says

The assumption is that the immune system isn't being educated in the early months of life. 


I looked at this sideways.

Then upside down.

Then the right way up.

Then I chewed on it for a few days.

I opened my mouth, and shut it.....

Is this The Malaghan Institute's idea of a sick joke?

A bad dream maybe. 

Are they saying that ..... the design is defective?

The medical literature states very clearly how a baby's immune system is taught, so that it is directed NOT TO GET allergies, asthma, inflammatory disease, or cancer.  And the answer is???? ................


So how is it that the Malaghan Institute appears to know nothing about the "answer" already in 'operation'? Perhaps they don't want to know.  Perhaps if they do know, they realise it doesn't apply to formula fed babies, so the wheel has to be reinvented another way?  Yes, formula fed babies might need help since their levels of asthma, allergies, cancer and inflammatory diseases are much higher. That fact is in the medical literature too. But again why not prescribe breast milk from a breast milk bank?They can't patent breast milk. 

But what ELSE might be CAUSING the current very high levels of cancers, asthma, allergy and other inflammatory diseases in all children?

Could it possibly be....

Bad nutrition?  Drugs? Vaccines? The medical profession's proclivity for prescribing antibiotics thereby permanently damaging the body's innate immune system? Environmental toxins?

Not possible, right?!!!

After all, Science is god. Science couldn't possibly have got it wrong.

P.S. The (presumably to be patented) "natural therapies" that the Malaghan Institute is developing. Ermm... now they won't possibly have any unintended consequences, ... will they?

Of course not. Why not? Because Science is always good.
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