“Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God re-mould your minds from within...”
Romans 12:2

Just Trust Us....

Hilary Butler - Thursday, July 18, 2013

Part One: Words from Memory Lane.

Part Two: Who controls the rhetoric? 

Part Three: The name of the game. 

Part Four: The get out of jail card. 

Part Five: Blaming Muggins.

Part Six: Reforming Nocebo.

The solution for the medical system? It’s pretty simple really. If you aren't allowed to "deceive" people, to research what happens when they are deceived, only one possible action remains.Only ever tell patients the GOOD THINGS a drug or vaccine can do. Say, "Just trust us.  WE know what we are doing...."

Happily hoodwinked? Ye olde medical modus operandi which blindsided and made parents angry and still does to this day.  Doesn't it defy logic that the current medical system would even think to try the same tactics again that resulted in loss of trust in the first place?

Today's medical generation has decided --- as we are told in "Worried Sick" that, “medical consent forms might cause harm” so the solution is “to provide information to a patient tailored to his or her level of anxiety, such as leaving out…..” or “Frame information about treatments positively.” .  This is, in my opinion, deliberate misinformation.

Again, put this in context of medical history.  In 1950, a what doctors could do and prescribe, was vastly less than it is today.  In 2013, the drug list is huge, procedures VASTLY more complex, with infinitely more dangers, than in 1950.The huge comparative increase in the costs associated with 2013 medical protocols, as well as the amount of revenue drug companies pull in, are proof of that. 

What your grandmother had to make decisions on, were far less than is available today. When you look at what the elderly line up with every meal today, it's astronomical in comparison. The same drug comparison can be made with children in the past and children today.

General Practice today, now looks like an "industry" rather than a "calling".The days when a general practitioner would remove a splinter in the eye, or a fishbone from the throat disappeared about 10 years ago.  Now, you are referred to a specialist, and wait even longer, increasing the likelihood of complications.  How things were treated - even 20 years ago - was far less invasive than treatment is today.

Yes, as previous blogs have discussed, ...  information can create fear. That's why the medical systems media managers, deliberately write fear-laden slogans, or messages, to get people to do what they want them to do.  Like the latest "media strategy" (their words, not mine) : "Don't assume you're immune." 

Note that the text next to the slogan, has nothing to do with proving whether you ARE actually immune, but is all about making young people think that the ONLY way people can BE immune is to have yet MORE vaccine JABS.  The slogan says one thing, but the message is a misrepresentation of the immunological truth, that the immunologist's "factual" way to prove you ARE immune is to have titres done, and even that won't prove that you have MEMORY immunity to something you've either, for which there is no test.

Today's doctors appear to be a different breed from the older breed, who while they might withhold information, generally understood that the body could and did work most of the time.  Today's graduates appear to consider the body's design mostly ineffective, defective, and untrustworthy, and they are often so fear laden themselves, that their view of "healthy" is skewed by their own fear-impregnated education.  So now the suggestion is these fear-laden people should assess how much information you could be told, based on how they perceived YOUR anxiety levels???!!! Is that not the blind, attempting to figure out whether someone else is blind? 

These are the same doctors who appear comfortable, filling parents with fear that, “without antibiotics, your baby's sore throat might result in rheumatic fever and heart damage!”.

Can you imagine many (or any) doctors looking at the baby and the parents and saying, “This particular bacteria on very rare occasions can cause rheumatic fever but it usually does so when the family lives in overcrowded situations, the family diet is atrocious, the baby isn’t breastfed, and the family has no idea on appropriate clothing or home health care.” ?

NO, "pharmaceutical protocols" forbid!  Such truth, clearly shown in the medical literature, can’t be said.  It’s not PC. You don't have the right to editorialize on lifestyle, except of course,.....when a parent chooses not to vaccinate. 

You can't tell parents about the immunological wonders, DNA priming and immune boosting functions of breastfeeding.  You must make parents have faith in, and trust, only antibiotics. 

You certainly can't single out a poverty of KNOWLEDGE when it comes to nutrition....rheumatic fever is all about "socio-economic strata, and a deprivation rating".  The definition of "deprivation" is not stated, but is currently portrayed in the media, as simply a "deprivation of antibiotics". 

Doctors rarely tell families the truth, partly because to do so takes time, and costs money.  Money is only earned in twelve-and-a-half minute slots for each person at X dollars a pop.  Perhaps one of the real reasons for that poverty of knowledge in the families which have rheumatic fever, is that these fear filled prescription writers, were never taught the rheumatic fever medical  history and literature for themselves?Do they just assume, like parents, that they have been told all they need to know?  Is that not.... ignorance gone to seed? 

Yes, I know New Zealand has one of the highest rates of rheumatic fever in the world, but it’s eminently preventable without giving children antibiotics for strep throat, monthly for their next 18 years until they turn 20. No-one bothers to factor in the consequences of 18 year's worth of serial body flora napalming by antibiotics

So this is part of what "careful concealment" is all about.  Two things, sins of commission and sins of OMISSION. 

Modern medicine is now "nocebo" (creating fear filled messages) when it suits, like "Don't assume you're immune" and "placebo" (calming down fear filled responses) - in this case, "more vaccines"...when it suits.

This is why, before vaccines came along, measles and chickenpox were described to parents in the dulcet tones of soothing voices, as a normal rite of passage and treated with proper nursing care, humour and cajoling.  No longer!  NOW there is a vaccine, so measles and chickenpox are described, using nocebo-fear-framing.Measles and chickenpox are now monstrous, dangerous, death inducing, fearful, a plague!  These words, result in parental anxiety, and compliance with the desired "health objective" which is to vaccinate, of course. This is further backed up by more nocebo fear-inducing rhetoric pointing the finger at parents who don’t vaccinate, and portraying them as monstrous, “evil” and a deadly threat to all who HAVE vaccinated their children. 

Orwell's Ministry of Truth is alive and well even if a few years overdue. 

Hypothetically, using the reasoning in the article Worried Sick, "Careful concealment" when it comes to that sore throat, would mean:

NEVER telling parents that every course of antibiotics is one step closer to a serious life threatening allergy.

NEVER tell parents that every antibiotic course will actually CREATE bacterial resistance, new strains and a bigger future problem, not just for that child, but for the WHOLE family.

NEVER tell parents that there is medical literature which shows that every course of antibiotics takes that person one step closer to cancer.

Instead, as your child is given each monthly antibiotic injection from age 2 to 20, the mother will be patted on the head and told, “your child won’t get heart damage and rheumatic fever and won’t that be good, duckie!”

"Worried Sick" does suggest that, “Such a practice could promote mistrust in the health care system.” 

Now there's a blinding revelation of the obvious. 

To summarise: "Just Trust us...".

Big pharma’s current solution to bad press about vaccines drugs etc, according to “Worried sick”, would be that the medical system would default back to the "Just trust us!" mode, saying that:

1) All procedures, drugs, operations etc are harmless, and good.

2) Consent forms are dangerous, and plant silly thoughts about bad things in a person’s head, causing imagined side effects as a result of the patient's peculiar hypochondria.

3) THEREFORE only tell the patient the GOOD that will come out of the “remedy”… never the bad.  Then those side effects and problems will all disappear.

4) MEANTIME continue to tell the patient ALL THE WORST POSSIBLE OUTCOMES of any condition or disease for which there is a drug or vaccine and NEVER frame anything in a positive way.  This will ensure drug compliance and maximum return for the medical/drug industry.

5) Disease NOCEBO is the only way to con people into taking “harmless remedies”.  So the industry will invent a raft of new diagnoses to suit new drugs (hypochondria being one), and when side effects turn up, the person will be diagnosed with HYPOCHONDRIA; their diagnosed psychological instability will be the “cause” of the reactions to our drugs, and perhaps even an excuse to take their children away, or send them for extensive psychiatric evaluation??? Who knows where all this could lead?

The word coincidence has worn thin, so we've come full circle to the "just trust us" message of careful concealment" to protect us from our own "stupidity". 

There you have it.  Lay all blame on the brain of the person who keeps the medical profession in business. 

P.S. These seven blogs could have been summarized in one phrase “Don’t believe everything a doctor says!” But what use would that have been? 

Blow by blow, labouring the point, hammer by hammer stroke...  is necessary, because if we don't understand exactly how the medical system systematically messes with our mind, we won't understand that THEIR and OUR ignorance, might result in disaster one day.  Just like it has already done for so many of us (including me) who were gullible enough to smile, and believe..... when the doctor said, "Trust us, nothing nasty can happen because we know what we are doing. We wouldn't do it if it would cause harm...."
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