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Romans 12:2

Mandatory Vaccination

Hilary Butler - Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Making vaccines compulsory, isn't something you hear much about in New Zealand media, BUT... if we aren't careful, mandatory vaccination will become law in this country. While those who tweak the strings around the wrists of politicians have kept very quiet in public, in private, there have been, and are, far more intense discussions going on about making vaccines mandatory, than ever before. How do I know?

Since 1989, when IMAC become the Ministry of Health mouthpiece for all needling topics, Nikki Turner's personal agenda has been mandatory vaccination. I know this, since right from the early days, she has occasionally discussed this at GP meetings, and more recently, at the conferences that IMAC holds every year.  IMAC's very first brochure had the words... "to encourage action to make full immunisation a reality" as one of it's three main aims.  Nothing has changed since those early days.

I was very surprised the first time I received a telephone call from a doctor who had attended a meeting at which she spoke. He was so struck by the vehemence with which she took that position that he rang me to tell me. My problem was, that I didn't know this doctor, and being well aware of people who have been 'set-up' overseas, dismissed the conversation from my "credibility pad". I did however, write it in my "watch this space" diary. Two days later, I got another call, this time from a doctor I did know, who had attended the same meeting, and what I was told was identical. I underlined the first entry twice, in my "watch this space" diary.

There are many people within the medical profession who are not vaccine crazy. Some, unknown to others are actually anti-vaccine when it comes to themselves. Often, they go to IMAC and other vaccine conferences, in order that they can know what is going on. Some of them kindly report back to me, and tell me what the likes of IMAC staff say about myself and people like me when in supposedly 'safe' situations, ... as well as their plans.

Last year, the powers that be not only expressed concern that general vaccination rates in the country were some of the lowest in the western world, but they decided on stepping up a long-term plan to turn this around. The first part of that plan was implemented a few years ago, where anyone doing any sort of health profession training, be it nursing, physiotherapy or research etc, could not complete their training practicals unless they had a fully up-to-date vaccination schedule.  Most of the kids who contacted me about this, keeled over and had them all done.  Otherwise, their years of money and training would have been "wasted".  

I was also talked to an unvaccinated woman who recently graduated from med school.  She told me that in their first year, they had all had blood tests done, and that quite a few of her fully vaccinated peers had been forced to have boosters as they had had no immunity on quite a few of their test results.  Even though she had not been vaccinated, one one vaccine was "required" of her.  I must stress however, that this very bright woman is now provaccine, and considers her parents were 'criminals' for not having her done as a baby or a child.  Indoctrination is a very powerful mind moulder.  When I asked her why it was that she had solid immunity and her peers did not, she blinked, and said, "I never thought about that."  I replied, "No, but then, as Linus Pauling once wrote in this 1994 issue of American Scientist" (waves article under nose) "Of all of the professions, the medical profession is the one in which the individual practitioners do the smallest amount of thinking for themselves."

So, if you make sure everyone who enters medicine is required to be vaccinated, and you thoroughly indoctrinate them about vaccines, you pretty much rule out having any future doctors from that very group who will think for themselves on this issue. With peer pressure being as strong as it is now, going against the needle-them-all flow might cost you, not just your ability to work with your peers, but also, your practice, your reputation, your licence, and a wasted massive debt which piled up when you trained.

The second part of a long term compulsory vaccination plan requires somehow directly removing from the medical profession, anyone currently unvaccinated, who personally disagrees with vaccination.  This is being done by following the example of Australia, and starting this year, making vaccinations mandatory in hospitals for everyone who will have contact with the general public.  All in the guise of Occupational Health, of course.  The first vaccine lined up for this is INFLUENZA vaccine, helped of course by a very 'convenient' swine flu, which as always, is predicted to become a monster. Also being lined up for testing, and vaccination, are two other diseases: TB and Hepatitis B.  These are the pilot pressure points being applied right now. 

The next follow-the-Australians requirement given the current, routine three yearly whooping cough outbreak despite vaccination...., will be whooping cough boosters, even though they don't work in adults, let alone kids..., and of course since you can't get whooping cough vaccine on it's own, it stands to reason that adults will be given a combo shot of diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough.  So why not add haemophilus into that, and maybe Hepatitis B????!!  After all, the more you can stick in one needle the better the bang for your buck.

The string pullers are also carefully watching what is happening overseas with MMR, since there is "talk" in USA, with the resurgence of mumps and measles, that MMR booster (or laboratory proof of immunity) be made mandatory in medical staff as well.

It's very simple.  Get rid of all the medical people who do think for themselves, and who are happy for parents to make an informed choice, then you can really put the screws on any person in the street, who actually has a thoughtful bone in their brain.

The other lever of course, is the Pandemic Legislation passed a couple of years ago.  And here's where the swine flu will be just the ticket.  We are told that this first wave is quite mild, though the newspapers have printed the medical profession's opinion that both the swine flu and the ordinary flu could tear some people apart.  But let's get back to the supposed mild swine flu, which isn't even as bad as normal flu. 

The "aim" of the medical profession here, is to try to contain it's spread while it's mild; fill everyone up with unnecessary Tamiflu as well, so that everyone thinks that it's the Tamiflu that breaks fevers, and is their life saver; and make sure as few people in the community as possible get it.  On the other hand, the doom and gloom crystal ball gazers have predicting that the second wave next winter, will be a killer wave.  But that's okay, because by that time we will have a vaccine!!!!  (Never mind the fact that if you let a mild wave spread, you don't have to worry about the second wave or a beat-up on a vaccine).

So, assuming that there is no community spread this year, my guess is that next autumn, New Zealanders will be told that because they have no immunity worth sniffing at, everyone will be "offered" THREE vaccines not one just as the Americans have done, .  And just maybe... because the Swine Flu might turn into 1918, "let's make that the first civilian vaccine to become mandatory".  Just thinking out loud here.  Sound incredible?  Let's hope it is.

But the way things are going within the wheels of private medical profession's thinking, don't be surprised if mandatory vaccination is knocking on the door within three years.

OF COURSE, just to prove me a liar, this might not happen ... yet.  But I stand by my prediction, that it will happen some time in New Zealand.  They are just waiting for some of the other more "democratic" countries to sanction it first, and say, "What's good enough for them is good enough for us."

Are there countries which have compulsory vaccination?  Yes there are, but by and large, they are countries which function on dictatorial, oligarchial or Sharia rule.  Some European countries have certain vaccine which are compulsory, such as France and Belgium, and no doubt others will follow suit.  Rumours abound that France is about to make Swine Flu vaccine compulsory as well.

I don't think for one minute, that this is about promoting ultimate good health. 

I believe that this is about conformity, compliance and control. 

Why do I think this will come sooner rather than later? 

Several reasons, but one of those is that there is arising in America in particular, a generation whose children were vaccine damaged in the 80's and 90's.  Many of those people were told that the vaccine damage was "genetic" in origin.  But those people have noticed something interesting.  The children in their families who they refused to vaccinate were just fine.  Even more interesting, their unvaccinated grandchildren are also "just fine".  Eyes are being opened over there, and questions are being asked which go far far further than just asking why it is that Dr Mayer Eisenstein's Home First practice in Chicago has no asthma, diabetes or autism in their very large cohort of unvaccinated children.

Parents are starting to demand that proper studies be done, comparing totally unvaccinated children with totally vaccinated children, and seeing just which group has the highest level of chronic or autoimmune disease. So far, the many studies proposed have been turned down, every time, at the first hurdle.

New Zealand with it's relatively low vaccination rate, could do just such a study with relative ease.  But experience here in the past has shown that such studies are rejected as being "unethical" because they deprive the unvaccinated of "life saving treatment". Don't laugh.  That is the truth.

Such a study can never happen. 

If it were ever proved that the evidence of non-vaccinating parents eyes is correct... that long term totally unvaccinated children (by active decision-making and choice) are healthier as a group than vaccinated children, ... then parents of vaccinated children have every right to turn on the medical profession and accuse them of worse than sculpturing statistics to suit an agenda.  Since epigenetic studies show that environment events can change a baby's gene function not just during pregnancy, or after birth, but actually right through life (ask the USA over-vaccinated military on disability payments after vaccinations, who never even got to go to war...) as well as subsequent generations, then parents of vaccinated children who have chronic illnesses for which there is no family history, have every right to ask the medical profession just what vaccines are doing to the functioning of immune system genes of their children and generations to come.

Even worse, these parents are discovering that the medical profession knows very little about the immune system of a baby, let alone what happens to vaccines in a baby's body other than antibody production.

There are very good, sound reasons to believe that vaccines can, and do affect the immune system, and biochemistry at a very deep, fundamental level. The problem is that the key studies to join the dots are on a black list with "Do not do" written over the ideas.  And what is not proven, to the medical profession, does not exist.

That is one reason why vaccine defenders think that vaccination must be made compulsory across all age groups, and quickly, with as many gaps plugged as fast as possible.  Once that's done, studying the difference in health in unvaccinated versus vaccinated children will be impossible, and therefore moot. 

Then, and only then, will they heave a sigh of relief ....  and have total control.

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