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Romans 12:2

Numbskull obstetrics in Albania

Hilary Butler - Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just when you think sanity might prevail, and you write a blog about one doctor with a brain, everything implodes. I decided to do a pubmed search, just to double check when stem cells were first found in cord blood. The answer to that is around 2000 if you count the lag to publish. Then I did a check on third stage cord clamping management, and came across this 2010 article, which exemplifies everything I dislike about obstetric practice in 2010.

What really appals me is that these people (like most rabidly provaccine people) have absolutely no doubt that their methods of practice are BEST practice, and the ultimate pinnacle of scientific medicine. Bollocks. What this just shows is that these obstetricians are utterly ignorant of physiological facts which they should make their business to know, and as a result all those babies and mothers will start their lives way behind the eight ball.

All because of something called the arrogance of ignorance.

I really shouldn't be surprised after all these years, but I really wonder when the medical profession is going to get it's grey matter out of medieval medicine.

And lest you think that it wouldn't happen in a modern country like UK in 2010, think again, because UK is just about as ignorant as Albania. Who else needs to be radically re-educated?

But more to the point, when are parents going to get their head around the fact that a huge proportion of the medical profession practice worst practice, not best practice?  When are parents going to learn that their only protection against abuse (which most have no idea is occurring daily) is to keep up-to-date with the medical literature?

Yes, I know.  Whine:  "Why do we have to become medical educated in order to check up on doctors?  Didn't they go to medical school and understand the importance of continuing education, so that we didn't have to do that?"

Yd thunk, wouldn't ya.




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