“Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God re-mould your minds from within...”
Romans 12:2

Part Four: The matter of New Zealand annual Flu deaths.

Hilary Butler - Wednesday, March 13, 2013

All around the country the mantra of 400 flu deaths a year has been parroted as the truth, when it’s not the truth.

But medical documents are starting to reveal that even the medical profession knows that one day this will bite them on the backside. The more they are forced to put their facts on the internet, the more likely it is that someone will find that truth.

Do you remember the 2009 jumped-up pandemic, where Swine Flu (H1N1) was going to be the new 1918 "worse-than-the-plague", infection to kill us all?

Have you seen newspaper articles saying that there were 49 H1N1 deaths?

Well, here’s an interesting comment in a pandemic mortality report to parliament:

See that word “with”? These people died “with” pandemic influenza. Why didn't they use the word “from”? Why does it not read 49 deaths were caused by H1N1?

We find the reason in Slide 23, in a presentation by the same group, but this time published on the Otago medical school website, (full document uploaded here)

Fewer than 50% actually had symptoms compatible with either flu or ILI.

That’s why they are classified as dying ....  WITH ...  H1N1, not dying ....  “because of” H1N1.

It just could be, that their having H1N1 in their bodies, didn’t have anything to do with their death.

After all, hypothetically, someone dying from a rugby injury, who was swabbed for H1N1, could also have tested positive as well, but were just carrying it, and might not even have felt tired. If all the road toll deaths were swabbed for flu during winter, many of them would return positive swabs even if they didn't have clinical symptoms of the flu or influenza like illnesses. 

That’s how they get around the statistical problems when the person’s symptoms don’t fit what the tests used pick up.

Right now, if the whole population of New Zealand was swabbed for Meningitis C bacteria, between 5 - 20% of all of us, would return a positive swab saying that a potentially fatal bacteria was happily occupied in our bodies, even though we have no signs or symptoms from it, and are simply in the process of developing immunity to it. 

Dying “with” something, but not having the symptoms “of” something, doesn’t mean you died “because of” the "something" you tested positive to.

Even the Mortality Review committee knows that.  Which is why they chose their words super carefully. 

What that means is that readers need to put their brains into gear and think about the words used... and WHY they were used.

You will find no such analyses of language subtleties in the media.  There, you only find flat out misinformation, twisted facts and mangled data.  All employed in the cause of scaring everyone into vaccinating.

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