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Pneumonia vaccine not only useless, but dangerous.

Hilary Butler - Tuesday, May 31, 2011

As predicted in this blog - UK has now pulled the useless and dangerous Pneumococcal vaccine - except - it's now recommended for children and people with respiratory and heart disease!  Supposedly the evidence is more "robust" with them.  Really?  Perhaps this is the "graceful exit" to appease the manufacturers, where you have "got to use up everything on the shelf" so as not to look a bunch of wallies. But here's the bit that got me.ONLY when they pull a vaccine, do you find out how many people have been killed and maimed from it:

"The jab for older people has been linked to 30 deaths and more than 3,300 reported side effects, including heart disorders and joint and muscle pain."

So why would you want to give a useless vaccine to a person with heart problems, if it's implicated in heart disorders? And, I wonder how many of the millions who over 6 years, were dosed with this vaccine, were told, "No deary, no reactions never happen, and anything that happens is a coincidence."

After all, vaccines are so stringently tested that in many ways, according to Dr Paul Offit they are safer than vitamin supplements!!! (near the bottom of the article).  If a vitamin caused 30 deaths, heart disorders and joint and muscle pain, guess what would happen to it?  It would be banned and the company run out of business.

If this admission of deaths and side effects, doesn't make a few lemmings sit up and think, then nothing will. 

And if nothing makes lemmings sit up and thing, then a note to the "buyer" - Mug, beware....

But... since when do lemmings take note of warnings, either?


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