“Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God re-mould your minds from within...”
Romans 12:2

Polio and lemmings

Hilary Butler - Sunday, May 29, 2011

There are none so blind as those who won't look for their own information. There is none so blind as a medical profession that believes "polio" is about to be wiped from the face of the earth.  "We'll get there any day soon you know, if we JUST persist throwing vaccines around the world hand over fist. We NEVER see polio any more, do we?"  After all, as Bill Gates intoned to a rapturous World Health Organisation on 17th May, 2011, we're just about there! ...Soon, we can extol the extermination of that dreaded plague, POLIO.  There is only one problem, and that is that Bill Gates is blind, and WHO is wilfully blind.  Most of society just doesn't realise there's an issue, because... well... they believe! Polio has not been eradicated at all. And will not be eradicated. Polio has been renamed. And here is the proof from WHO's own website:

Here are pdfs of the WHO's own data of Polio and "Acute Flaccid Paralysis" for 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010.

Why have Acute Flaccid Paralysis and Polio been put together? Because Acute Flaccid Paralysis is a catch-all name for what looks like polio, and what you call polio when the crucial polio viral tests don't show polio VIRUSES at all.

Acute Flaccid Paralysis is well described at this website.

Polio is also well described here at the same website.

The fact that so little of Acute Flaccid Paralysis is actually polio, is something always foremost in WHO's mind, but not something the public actually asks the question, "What is Acute Flaccid Paralysis?"  As is shown by this BBC article (See third paragraph on page 2) .

Why does no journalist ask the question... "What is AFP, what causes it, and why is there no discussion by WHO about the ramifications of AFP?" or how about the question, "Why do you need test a person who looks like they have polio, to see if it is polio, or Acute Flaccid Paralysis?"

"Polio" is one disorder where what looks like polio WILL be called something else, depending on the results of a virus test....

If you take all that World Health Organisation website data on Acute Flaccid paralysis, and put it onto a graph THIS is what you get. (PDF)

(I tried to convert the pdf to a jpg, but couldn't get it to fit the page width, so please open the PDF file and print out the graph).

Amazingly dramatic isn't it.  Why isn't the world yelling, "What exactly is going on here?"

While the cases of "polio" have gone down, cases of polio which didn't return a positive virus test, and which are now called "Acute Flaccid Paralysis" have skyrocketed. Nice little bit of magicians' sleight of hand... ???!

A parent who saw that WHO website page, wouldn't know that Acute Flaccid Paralysis was simply polio of old, which covered the same syndromes and symptoms, caused by a large variety of viruses, as well as various toxins.  A parent looking at the WHO website, would think to themselves, "Acute Flaccid Paralysis must be some other "valid" disease in it's own right".

If they thought about it at all.... 

Ah, I hear you say. (The usual decoy from the medical profession...) So where have all the iron lungs gone in the developed world?

I'm glad you asked that. All the kids who used to be on clumsy iron lungs, are now on high tech iron lungs and renamed under the autoimmune moniker called Transverse Myelitis and no doubt other creative titles to spread the decoys around. And here is your proof. Hidden away in the forward of a book, by a specialist doctor.

Of course, paralysed cases of transverse myelitis on modern iron lungs isn't something either the media, or WHO will shout from the rooftops. So today, instead of kids with polio in callipers and iron lungs, we have lots of kids with autoimmunity, and .... widespread chronic diseases.

As I read the Bill Gates speech I was appalled at three things. Firstly, just how little he knows.  There are errors of both fact and logic littered through this vaccinology hagiography, and secondly, the standing ovation he no doubt got, and thirdly, that WHO and others - who should know better, never bother to educate him properly, or the general public for that matter.

But then, if they did, exactly what would they be saying? "Um.. All the disease which we once called "polio" which was caused by a raft of things, including coxsackie virus, enteroviruses, echoviruses, lead paint and toxic sprays - which all used to be lumped under one heading, is now being divided up into different headings.  We're removing all the cases which are "caused" by polio-viruses, and leaving all the other cases which used to be called polio, under a larger, amorphous heading of "Acute Flaccid Paralysis" 

Can you imagine what the world would say if they were told that? 

But what really "scares" about the lack of understanding on polio, is that much of the evidence people need to know, to see that every aspect of vaccinology dogma is somewhat different to the "spin", is there - on WHO websites, and in the medical literature. Some of the really good books in New Zealand libraries, which might have pointed people to the truth, have been removed.  Like J R Paul's book, "The History of Poliomyelitis".  And any books about or by Elizabeth Kenny are also now as easy to find as hen's teeth.

Yet, take the World Health Organisation information on acute flaccid paralysis and polio...as pdf'd above.  Some might say - there is the truth, "hidden in plain sight".  The reason people don't see it, is that they don't know enough about creative diagnostic monikers, to know that they are being lied to.  They certainly don't know where to look to find the answers to basic issues, because to know where to look, you have to know the right words.  And if you've not heard of "Acute Flaccid Paralysis" (AFP) before, you won't look for it.  And if you don't realise that "Acute Flaccid Paralysis INCLUDES APF caused by POLIO, which is the minority cause.. you won't think to link the two. 

This is the greatest strength that the medical system has - the masses who have not been told, and who somehow think that living in a technologically advanced age, means that they automatically know all they need to know. 

Why do people not realise how little they know?  Perhaps because life is so fast - there is so much to assimilate.  Perhaps because....somehow, they think that if they need to know something, it will be delivered to them, as of right, on their mobile phone, pre-digested.


Abraham Lincoln, of all people, understood just how corrupt the world we live in is. One of his quotes is "You may fool all the people some of the time, you can even fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time.”

This is one of the few he got wrong, I think. Today's technocrats have done a very good job of fooling most of the people, most of the time, using two weapons: "fear" and peer group pressure







And on this weirdly related subject...sometimes, the words of the young, betray the attitudes of their parents, and are an indictment on society in general.  When anyone allows their lives to be defined by others, not only have they lost the concept of intellectual autonomy, they now believe this (emphasis mine) :

"The worst part was that I could not escape. I needed the internet to communicate with my friends, family and classmates.

Whether I liked it or not, social media had become part of my life. I didn't know who to trust. This impostor was clearly someone I knew. I felt victimised.

Then it hit me. The impostor didn't know me well at all. The only reason they were able to impersonate me was because I had let them. I had put up all that personal information on my blogs and profiles.

I had flaunted my private life, and basically invited this impostor in. My photos, interests, I thoughtlessly put out on the web, without stopping for a moment to think of the dangers. I was simply another sheep in the flock.

Then again, I didn't really have a choice. Facebook owns my information.

We live in an era when it is expected for us to have an online identity, when so much happens on the internet, any modern teenager will be completely out of the social loop without internet access. The rumour mills, hot topics, social news and even people's birthdays all exist solely on Facebook.

My generation is forced into this dangerous social climate. The days of anonymity are distant memories. Today, social networking has become so integrated with our real lives that we are defined by our online identities.

Like it or not, the concept of privacy is vanishing. As the next generation takes the helm, it is just another challenge we must accept.

We have no right to want privacy. "

Heaven help any society which is run by the next generation of people who believe, and (don't) think as above. 

And yet, such a society is just the sort of "wish" that those who crave power and unquestioned control, would ask a genie to grant. 

Not that they have to.  The current generation seems hell bent on making fools of themselves and not knowing it.  How is it that they think they are "expected", forced or don't have a choice?  The writer called herself a sheep, who didn't think, and let other people (and advertising), manipulate and define her thinking, knowledge, "needs" and actions. 

Yet she still "believes" she can't escape. 

When any generation believes that their morals, thoughts, lives and actions are defined by the expectations of others, not by their own convictions or initiatives, the word "sheep" is much too intelligent a word.

The word "lemming" springs to mind as a more accurate description.

And if the world has become as unthinking as this group of lemmings, then perhaps "hidden in plain sight" really is the best and safest place to hide the blindingly obvious. 

Lemmings won't think to look there. 


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