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Romans 12:2

Swinish Shock Doctrine: Part One

Hilary Butler - Sunday, May 03, 2009

Two weeks ago, when CDC, po-faced told us, that this “new” virus, never seen before in pigs…, was a combo of Eurasian/America swine flu/avian/human viruses, you believed them, right? Now, they are back tracking, saying, “No no,no.. only pig. Not human or bird.” Shhh…..

What changed their minds between the first time they checked the genetics and two days ago? I don’t see anyone in the media questioning that, so it must be pretty big to be hidden under such an accomplished cloak of silence.

What else that we have been told, is a load of balderdash?

An article on 27th April called “Swine Flu ‘debacle’ of 1976 is recalled” got me thinking, primarily because the paper quotes two of the scientists involved in 1976; Drs David Sencer, and Richard P. Wenzel. What struck me about their comments were that they were scientifically inaccurate, and totally self serving. Why would you want to listen to people who actively promoted and defended a debacle, and expect to find anything useful or meaningful from that? Other than the fact that their information can’t be trusted. Since there is so much to say on that, I will deal with the twisting of facts elsewhere.

The shifting sands of scientific propaganda, prompted a search using the words “flu” and “pandemic”. Three articles of many are particularly interesting. On 19th March Medscape reported that Sanofi Aventis Invests 100 Million Euros In New Facility In Mexico To Produce Seasonaland Pandemic Influenza Vaccine.

How coincidental is it, that Mexico would not long after, become the supposed “starting” point of this “supposed” pandemic?

Then on April 6th, UK Derby Telegraph said that “Health chiefs (are) preparing for flu pandemic that could kill 12,000 in county alone

Did someone tip them off? What wonderful timing!

Derby Telegraph was even more predictivein another article, saying that, “Medical gowns and masks have been stockpiled and plans are in place to give information and drugs to the public to stop the spread of the killer disease.

Experts fear a 15-week pandemic could kill 12,000 people in the county.

And while children and the elderly are normally worst-hit by seasonal flu, a pandemic virus would be strong enough to kill healthy people.”

Amazing. “What a good little boy am I!”

Remember, this didn’t happen at the height of bird flu paranoia, the next year, or last year… AND… nothing… had… happened… in… Mexico… at… this… point.

Think about it. Who, really has to gain from creating yet more fear, and paranoia?

First: Rumsfeld and Tamiflu: the use of which is quite irrational. If this “flu” is ordinary flu, it’s most likely Tamiflu resistant in the first place, and Tamiflu has pretty nasty side effects, which ironically, in healthy people, look just like serious flu. Go look at the New Zealand Tamiflu datasheet,  and overseas patient site

We are told that Tamiflu works with swine flu virus. Well, it might, but if it is going to be used indiscrimately as has been the case so far in this alleged “first wave”, will the swine flu be resistant by the so-called “second wave”?

And, coincidentally, the three year expiry date for Tamiflu falls due in a few months from now! With the patent lapsing a few months after that. The makers of Tamiflu will be absolutely delighted with another huge windfall before Tamiflu becomes a drug “free-for-all” in terms of generic manufacture, and the prices come tumbling down!   But by then, it might be good for nothing, with it’s current illogical use!

Remembering of course, that this hyped up pandemic, like Bird flu pandemic, just might be “swine flu, cash cow, no show”.

Second: Lest you think that the pharma bean-counters are the only beneficiaries of public paranoia, think again: A book called “The Shock Doctrine” points out that when people are consistently subjected to paranoia, and fear, they let down their any critical thinking they might have possessed, and “allow” their governments to pass legislation and do things to and with people, which under “normal” circumstances, would not be tolerated.

Fear creation, is always behind control and compliance, and medical authorities are just as amenable as President Bush was, to enact “homeland security” laws which in pre-9/11 times, would have been laughed down the toilet. The latest USA Homeland Security “Domestic Extremism Lexicon”, 26 March 2009, has right at the top of it’s list of threats: various information sources that provide a forum for interpretations of events and issues that differ radically from those presented in mass media products and outlets.”

Ha. Slap the Butlers in jail, huh? After all, we can’t have anyone exposing myths, can we?

In terms of creating “disaster capitalism” which control people’s thoughts, words, actions, taxes and wallet contents, “Killer Flu” headlines, are nothing new. Provaccine gurus have ramped out “killer flu might get New Zealand this year”, every year since I started collecting newspaper clippings in 1989. As Michael Laws pointed out in the Sunday Star Times (Armageddon, sick of all this gloom and doom nonsense), more than just a few are sick of the media crying not just wolf, but “wolves on P and carrying a glock.” He catalogues the “wolf crying” of the last few decades, on everything from herpes to SARS while almost dislocating his jaw, yawning. But strangely, he doesn't acknowledge that the medical profession is constantly, willingly complicit in feeding the media with the ingredients to make both "P and the glock". 

Here’s where I have a big problem. If what you are told is fact, then fine. But is it? What could be the consequences when YOU DON’T KNOW that pandemic “advice” is based on assumptions?

To be continued: Part Two.

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