“Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God re-mould your minds from within...”
Romans 12:2

The coming police state?

Hilary Butler - Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What's your thoughts on Full Body Scanners?  That they are a total over-reaction?  My reaction is pretty much the same as The Washington Times, which unlike most New Zealand newspapers, does thoughtful analyses on really meaningful topics.  You all know the term, "The war on terror".  This "terror" can be interpretted in many ways, but lets start with the "terror" which resulted in the use of naked body scanners in airports.  Do you remember President Bush saying that the first response to Al Queda, was life as normal, and not to make changes which show they have won?  Well, USA has failed, utterly and spectacularly (which was to be expected), and Al Queda has most definitely won, as Washington Times amply illustrates.  Total, utter, irrational hysteria will bankrupt the USA, in pretty short order.  Why is that? Because USA loves listening to experts, who make their living from making maximum money out of diverse snake-oils. Not only did these "experts" cause the global financial crash, but these experts will bring about the total anhililation of decent society, and lead to global war.  Perhaps that is their aim anyway.  Perhaps we are all but pawns in the cynical games of politicians whose strings are also being pulled. 

Total body scanners is a hallmark of irrational hysteria, and Al Queda are laughing all the way to the bank.  How did this unbridled stupidity come about?  Because America leads the world in controlling citizen compliance through fear, in every aspect of life.  If you substitute the words "Transport Security Administration" for the military department called Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and substitute the word "Al Queda" for diseases, you can just about find the core of the disease called "harnessed hysteria."  Let's look at this more closely.

Why have Naked body scanners?  Because someone might be carrying a bomb.So the officials need to check it out. Are the scanners safe?  Supposedly, but a group of American Scientists disagree, and argue that the long term results healthwise, are known, and they are very concerned. And if an American refuses a body scan?They will be patted down, including the genital areas.  Including very small children, whose parents are told to tell their children it's a game.  By experts who know full well that this "game" will teach children that they have no power over their own bodies, and the next man on the street who also wants to play a game called sexual abuse, will have a much easier time, because "games" touching children's genitals has just been state sanctioned in airports.  One more point to Al Queda. and if they refuse to be groped and fondled, they will be arrested and fined $11,000 and presumably forfeit their air ticket.

Now, Al Queda isn't stupid.  For a long time, rumours have circulated that Al Queda is looking closely at "biological weapons" by using serious diseases.  There has long been "talk" that they are considering aerosol release in public transport systems, including airports, as well as central hospitals.

And USA is ripe for the picking on this one, because the provaccine lobby in USA have conditioned doctors and citizens world wide, to believe that if ANYONE doesn't have every vaccine on offer, they are putting all the people who are vaccinated at risk.  We know this is a nonsense, but there's nothing quite like scape-goating, and a fraternity of shared paranoia, to give the vaccine industry the maximum profit, is there, Dr Offit? 

The latest people-pawn in this lucrative game of medical profitteering, is a little boy called Tyler Ludlum, who lost his feet and some of his fingers as a result of meningitis.  No doubt, he was co-opted into the story, supposedly for "a good cause".  No doubt he also has no idea that had his diet been adequate in key macro and micro nutrients, the chances are he wouldn't have got meningitis in the first place, because amongst healthy people, the strike rate of serious meningitis is about 1 per 100,000.  But I guess it makes Tyler's mother good to feel that really, she can blame others for her son's present predicament.  No doubt she and her son have no idea, that had the medical profession saw fit to use large doses of vitamin C, he might never have lost his feet or his toes in the first place.  And guess what?  There are LOTS of medical articles in pubmed which show the biological plausibility as to why vitamin C should "work" in any form of meningitis.

The thing is, there is no profit in vitamin C.  And if doctors admit there is at hand, something they don't use which could prevent the devastation of meningitis, then they no longer have strong emotional blackmail material with which to control people, do they?  And... why is the excuse that Tyler, at the age of 10, was TOO YOUNG for the vaccine "at a routine visit" a reason to blame people who didn't get the vaccine, and have not had the clinical disease either? 

If the medical profession were to ADMIT to most people, that getting clinical meningitis is really rare, and if they were to ADMIT to parents that over and above immunodeficiency, NUTRITIONAL STATUS is the key determinant of whether or not your child gets meningitis, parents would be confronted with two things.  Lifestyle and responsibility. 

We have a magnet on the fridge which states, "Everyone is a self-made person, but only the successful admit it."  A bit simplistic, yes, but at the core it's the truth.


If parents believe that this meningitis vaccine is so valuable, why is age even an issue?  If New Zealand can happily jab everyone willing, from age zero to 20 with a pretty much useless meningitis vaccine, and get away with it, what's to stop a 10 year old receiving a meningitis vaccine, if his mother so desires?

The really insidious aspects of the MSN article are these two paragraphs:

In pockets around the country where vaccinations are routinely shunned, the risk of infectious disease can be high. In 2006 and 2009, there were outbreaks of mumps that sickened thousands in the Midwest and East Coast, respectively. In 2008, the United States saw its biggest measles epidemic in more than a decade. And the current outbreak of whooping cough is far exceeding its usual cyclical increase, Offit said.

"It is not okay to say 'It is my right to catch a transferable deadly disease,'" he said, because the decision to avoid vaccination affects an entire population.

This is utter crap.  Let's look at what CDC has to say about this mumps outbreak:

Vaccination status is known for 1,115 patients: 966 (91%) of 1,062 patients aged ≤18 years and 149 (33%) of 456 patients aged ≥19 years (Table). Of these patients, 976 (88%) had received at least 1 dose of mumps-containing vaccine before the outbreak, and 839 (75%) had received 2 doses. Among patients aged 7--18 years, the age group with the majority of cases and for whom 2 doses of MMR vaccine is recommended, 93% had received at least 1 dose, and 85% had received 2 doses. The vaccination status of the patients varies by location. The percentage of patients aged >6 years (for whom vaccination status is known) who had received 2 doses of mumps vaccine is highest in Orange County, New York (86%), followed by New York City (83%), New Jersey (76%), and Rockland County, New York (73%).

So this is the MMR vaccine, touted to be 95% effective with one dose, and 100% effective with two doses.  Furthermore, the CDC neglects to mention that the so-called "index" case was also vaccinated.  So if mumps can go rampant throughout a vaccinated community, why blame those who chose not to vaccinate?

But that's okay, because we can just mandate a third shot!  Then a fourth, fifth and my, the vaccine companies will be really happy.  And that's exactly what happened:

Beginning on January 19, 2010, in Orange County, New York, public health officials began offering a third dose of MMR vaccine in three schools where, despite documentation of a high level of 2-dose coverage among students, transmission had continued for >2 months. This intervention is being carried out under an Institutional Review Board--approved protocol that provides for an evaluation of the impact of the intervention.

But let's still blame the unvaccinated.  Cheap shot really, but in a country where paranoia and hysteria are now an art form, and people will believe anything, blaming the unvaccinated, is the simplest answer. .  Sure, the truth is there, if you know where to look, but who in the "normal" world would check up on the CDC?  After all Dr Offit is famous, and everything he says is gospel.  The truth can be right there in the open, and Americans are blind because democracy is equated with truth.  Ha.

But it's not possible to actually tell the truth openly - that most of the cases are in the vaccinated.... , and here's why. 

If people are gullible enough to believe lies, then what would happen if you actually told the truth for a change? People might ask why the sudden flip flop.  People might wake up. People might put their thinking caps on, and start looking at what other lies they might have been told.  People might realise that there is a whole can of lies out there, and that they have been systematically hoodwinked, and then.... people take responsibility for themselves, and the system loses control of them.

That is why experts who speak out on Canadian TV about cell phone science which proves how dangerous cell phones are, have to get out of the system before they speak up.  And it's video sites like You Tube, which show people the truth, (and probably sites like this one) which have sparked the USA congress to approve legislation which would shut down any website which "has no demonstrable commercially significant purpose or use" other than copyright infringement. And you can bet what happens there, will happen here. Be damned to either the truth or freedom of speech. 

Because as Sir Winston Churchill once said, in wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies. The fraternity of paranoia considers that vaccines are the bullets in the war against disease, and again, when truth cuts across agendas or sacred cows, the truth must be protected with a bodyguard of lies. 

Once people wake up and realise that it's experts who have ruined the economy; who are ruining the environment, ruining education; ruining their health, - in fact, ruining their lives, there just might be an uprising. Unless... people are left in the dark so long that by the time they wake up, they are too sick to have the energy to do anything other than allow the chemotherapy and radiation to trash their bodies further.

Now, here's a stony note.  In a graveyard in Attica, Kansas, USA, is this headstone. 

Note that this geezer died in 1890 at the age of 78, after a life in the army, without the benefit of clean water, sanitation, tetanus vaccines, or any other vaccine. 

He plainly didn't die of the flu either. Of more interest is that panel on the right.  This man was an astute man, who planned his headstone very carefully.  Way back before 1890, he saw a pattern which is true to this day.  And is a warning to all Americans, and ... New Zealanders.

I don't have much truck for politicians of any sort, because I now believe they will all send us down the river, regardless of which side of the coin they say they represent.  We should beware of any politician, whether labour, national or whoever, because when the crunch comes, not one of them can be trusted to tell the truth, or lead the country out of the very dissolution which results from the opinions of their "experts", when telling the truth will expose their complicity.

Mr Grigsby said this:

After watching the Auckland Supercity debacle, I consider all politicians capable of treason.  Those politicians who enact fear driven policies such as total body scanners, iris scanning, and internet censorring are committing not just treason, but are denying the fundamentals of democracy in the process. They are turning democratic countries into Chinese and Iranian police states.

People in so-called democratic countries, live in a lala land, where they assume that truth is the trading commodity.  If people worldwide, realised the depth of lies they are constantly told, then they might have a great appreciation for the actions of one named Guy Fawkes.  And possibly, history would show that Guy Fawkes had nothing on a large populace who suddenly wake up from their slumber as they realise they are being boiled in hot water like frogs.

Politicians of course know this. 

Therefore the strategy world wide has been to dig as deep into people's pockets as possible so that people have as little expendable income as possible.  To borrow horrendous amounts which the tax payer will eventually have to repay somehow, therefore they have to somehow inflate the tax take enough to then bail out Wall Street; Canterbury Finance; earthquakees; kiwi-fruit orchards; etc.

Countries world wide are hitting a brick wall, courtesy of these financial "experts" and politicians who listen to them.  Debt is becoming an unmanageable problem, because the financial system is based on "borrow what you haven't got".  No longer is "cutting your coat to fit your cloth" a respectable option.  That's actually considered "unethical practice" or the thoughts of a luddite.

Politicians know that country debt is going to be a huge issue, therefore, they must increase Grab, Snatch and Take to 15%; rake in as much money as possible, where and when they can.  And that money is primarily off the back of ordinary middle class, while as individuals many of these banking, and financial company CEO's, pocket rorting salaries, and accumulate as much wealth as they can on the side.  Their finances are of course, overseen  by accountants who make sure their tax is minimal if non-existent.  Later they, and other similarly minded piranhas will swan off and live in Geneva with Hotchings, and all the other sponging mates who prior to jumping ship, who similarly ruined the lives of ordinary people left behind in New Zealand... many of them elderly and now destitute.

Am I angry? Yes. And I believe realistic.  Because it's people like these, who result on the formulation of legislation which doesn't affect them.  How many Prime Ministers, Presidents, congress members will have to go through a total body scanner or a pat down?  It's also notable that ALL of the people involved in the new American Health Legislation are EXEMPT from having to have it?  Why's that?  If it's so good, they should be at the front of the queue.  There is one rule for them, and another for us.

What has made me the most angry?  The new USA legislation which could make it possible for Governments to specify which websites can exist, and which ones can't. 

You can bet websites like this one http://www.activistpost.com/2010/11/breaking-senate-votes-cloture-on-s-510.html will be shut down immediately.

Politicians whose aim is dictatorship, ultimately need to make sure that as many people know as little as possible, and are living on the bread line; working their butts off; earning abysmal peanut-sized salaries the size of which they would never dream of agreeing to themselves. 

But worst of all, by doing this, politicians implicitly create a society where the majority of people are so busy trying to make ends meet, that they don't have the time to research and see if the social dogma being fed to them, is true or not. The problem is that even though New Zealand is not nearly as much of a dictatoship as America, we are rapidly following down the same path.

In all areas of society in this country: health, education, welfare, agriculture, economics; TV, the media - you can see "the finger of treason" is now the invisible driver of everything that is "wrong" with society today.  That, and the break down of both morals and family integrity in society today.

And under these situations, it should be no surprise that "disease" will require the same blame game, emotional blackmail and the same "terrorism" terms will be directed at any non-compliers, as are directed at people who refuse to have total body scans, or comply with any of the other new police state agendas.

The American Republicans think that the Tea Party will just go away.  But it won't, because its supported by people who can see the writing on the wall, and have no other way to register their discontent?  Will the Tea Party be the answer though?  I doubt it, for the simple reason that as anyone watching New Zealand politicians over the years knows... a politician cannot be trusted.  They are constrained by their own bureacrats, handlers and masters, who are the ones who REALLY run the show.

One day, there could come a time where websites like this one do not exist. 

Because... they tell as much of the truth as they truthfully know. 

Truth might, on day no longer be a viable commodity, let alone a permissible one.



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