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Romans 12:2

Vaccines are miracles

Hilary Butler - Thursday, June 09, 2011

Emboldened by Bill Gates comment that" vaccines are miracles" on his 16th February blog, Offit et al have set up the Vaccine Research Foundation. Following this announcement, Melinda Gates came up with this Huffington Post plea ahead of their GAVI meeting in London next week. Three things stand out: The adoption of the word "miracle" by the Vaccine Research Foundation, and Gregory Poland's bald-faced lie, that "Vaccines have saved millions of human lives, more than any other medical intervention."  Third, that the vaccine industry thinks that unlike everyone else who has a job, Scientists deserve job security and not having to worry about where their next rent is coming from. Let's look at what medical intervention has actually saved the most lives, contrary to the myths spun by Poland et al:


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