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Whooping cough: What is it that they don't get about "fail"?

Hilary Butler - Thursday, July 26, 2012

All GP practices have received this letter dated 25 July, 2012.

Very interesting.

See this?

The national coverage for two-year-old children by ethnicity is; Maori 92 percent, Pacific 97 percent, Asian 98 percent and NZ European 93 percent. This is a dramatic improvement in coverage for all of these groups since 2007.

Meanwhile, they continue to ramp up the "whooping cough" epidemic.

Question: What is it, that the New Zealand medical profession doesn't understand about the word "FAIL"?

Until recently, there has never been a whooping cough vaccine for adults. Why doesn't that very fact give people pause for thought?!!  As I predicted in "From One Prick to Another" in 2008, they are now trying to push an adult vaccine onto every man, dog, aunt, uncle, parent and chook.

Given that the pertussis data on ESR Public Health Surveillance website shows so many children who get whooping cough are fully vaccinated, why does the New Zealand medical system continue to blame the UNVACCINATED?

This American article here is fascinating.  For the first time, the AMERICAN medical profession have stopped blaming the unvaccinated. 

They have FINALLY realised that it's simply counterproductive to do so, because so many communities across America, have just about 100% immunisation rates up to date in most ages, and still whooping cough ploughs around the country like galloping draught horses. 

However, as usual, their solution is simply to reinforce vaccinating every man and their dog, cat and chook, and napalm bombing whooping cough communities with Azithrymycin - a potent antibiotic which is NOT needed, and cannot alter the course of the disease.  They SAY it reduces spread.  Really?  If that is the case, then why is whooping cough endemic?  After all, every person the medical system gets their hands on, is prescribed antibiotics and threatened with dire consequences if they don't take it. 

Why do they prescribe them? Because they have NOTHING else to offer.

Why do they now want to prick everyone from cradle to grave with a pertussis vaccine that is crap? Because they have NOTHING else to offer.

I repeat, exactly what it is these people don't understand? ....  About the word

Answer:  Nothing, .... because they don't want to see what is right in front of their eyes - which is that whooping cough epidemiology is VASTLY different from the old days, BECAUSE of the vaccine's use.  Other overseas media articles, say that the increase in whooping cough is solely because of better testing.  Really?  Was that sort of a cough easily  "missed" in the past?  Does that sort of cough require a better lab test to define?  If so, what kind of doctor is that? 

The whooping cough vaccine is ineffective.  It doesn't do the job it was made to do. And the REASON adults and kids spread pertussis is precisely BECAUSE  - - - they were vaccinated in the first place. The reasons for that are in my chapter on whooping cough from "From One Prick to Another". The medical literature is all there to prove it, but on that topic, there is resounding silence from the medical profession.  After all, who wants to admit that the very vaccine they tout is PART of the problem? 

But what most fascinated me about the visuals in this programme, is that you NEVER leave a baby with whooping cough lying on it's back to cough.


KNOWING,.... that the mucus is thick and needs to come up, whooping cough is a disease that needs to be managed.  Wouldn't you think that a medical system with a brain would know that?  Oh, perhaps they do.  Perhaps what they wanted... was to cultivate and create a sense of parental helplessness with that videoing technique? 

However, it seems to me, that the medical system has NO IDEA how to efficiently, accurately and humanely manage whooping cough.  I've talked with parents whose children were "managed" and it was an utter disaster. babies and children, are... left to cough.  Sometimes I think it's a testament to the fortitude of the human immune system that these kids survived, under the medical model of whooping cough treatment. 

The medical system believes it's own self-fulfilling prophecy that whooping cough is a disease that has limited treatments. That is after all, why they have vastly expanded the age range of people recommended to receive the very vaccine, which doesn't work, and which has had a hand in creating today's problem.

Yes, there is treatment for whooping cough which works incredibly well. But the medical system doesn't want to use that because... it doesn't fit in with their belief system. 

Not only does alternative treatment NOT fit in with their belief system, and doesn't bring big Pharma large financial rewards, .... if the medical profession used such treatments on every patient and found that it worked, they would not be able to emotionally blackmail parents into vaccinating or taking antibiotics.  The medical profession would lose "control" of the medical, social and political aspects of whooping cough.  The medical system does NOT want to look at alternative treatment of whooping cough, and would certainly never dream of doing trials of it. They've even told some parents that the treatments would kill their babies and children!  Those parents went ahead anyway, and within two days, were living a life of comparative bliss. 

Is the medical profession's response to both this situation and alternative treatment unethical? I believe it is. But this is the world we live in. We have to deal with it.

In the meantime, the numbers of people all over the country who have rescued their own sanity, families and children using varied forms of treatment for whooping cough not promoted by the medical system, grows exponentially.  The solution is simple.  You, the parent, must take control.  If you do, and you discover what the rest of us have discovered, you will also discover something else.  That with knowledge, you, the parent, become much more compentent, confident, and no longer feel helpless. A parent - and child - feeling "helpless", is the worst side effect of the medical model of whooping cough treatment. 

There is one brick wall that comes out of the medical profession continuing to proselytise a vaccine that doesn't work, and that is that DESPITE them saying that infant vaccination rates are at an all time high, many mothers are seeing their completely up-to-date kids keeling over with whooping cough.

These parents then divide into two camps.

One camp, like dutiful little medical system parrots, blame the unvaccinated. Relentlessly.

The second camp looks at the vaccine full in the face and asks "What is it that the medical profession can't see about the word "fail"?

After all, if such a highly touted vaccine doesn't protect your child, what use is it?

Oh, supposedly - your child will get a milder dose.

Guess what.

This supposed milder dose, treated under the medical model, is a MAJOR case, when compared to any case treated in the alternative model.  Where's your proof Hilary?  30 years of experience in a country which has NEVER seen a time when whooping cough cases have not been rampant.  In New Zealand, whooping cough is endemic and has ALWAYS been endemic.  Everyone my age, who actually looks at reality with clarity, knows that.  The Ministry of Health knows that.  Their own DATA proves it. I've posted it all here, many times, in older blogs on the topic.
Maybe your doctor whines, "But there is no PROOF that quackery and old wives tale ideas work!  It's just a big money rort from snake-oil purveyors" when actually  - - -  the costs are not that high at all.

Yet in the very next breath, that same doctor is happy to enrol your kid in a $400,000 drug trial, which you have to pay for and perhaps travel to another country to receive..., for which there is no proof?  If it's their drug and unproven, that doesn't matter.  There are a huge number of pharmaceutical drugs prescribed off label (meaning not proven for that purpose) which doctors are only to happy to dispense without question, or realising their own hypocrisy.  Why?  Because they have nothing else to offer.

Doctors who say that alternative treatment is a financial scam, never factor in that the costs of treating whooping cough at a doctor, are much higher than what the parent pays, because of the taxpayers who fund the Government treatment subsidies,  and Pharmac drug subsidies.

If parents had to pay the full costs of mainstream visits, treatment costs etc, themselves, as they have to do with alternatives, alternative medicine would win hands down.  Alternative treatment is so easy, you don't even need an appointment to see anyone, or travel anywhere repeatedly.  You just need to be able to read; to buy what you need on line; read some clear instructions on line; quarantine yourself and get on with it in relative peace and quiet. And help is no further away than a community at the end of a phone -  or an email to anyone who has been there, done that, and succeeded. Those people are scattered throughout New Zealand, and their numbers are huge.

There are answers as to why this vaccine has never, and is still not working.  There are effective treatments for whooping cough.  What you are now faced with is the classic dilemma of decision making.  VOICES, CHOICES AND CONSEQUENCES.  Only you can work out what you will do. 

Do not expect anything other than violent discord if you open your mouth to a pharmaceutical doctor about alternative treatments for whooping cough.

The bottom line is that that part of the medical system will not look at anything that either disturbs it's own belief system, or treads on their turf.

But there is hope. Within the medical system, there are doctors who are now using alternative treatments to the full, in recognition of the fact that they have little constructive to offer with regard to whooping cough.  These doctors have experienced the fact that alternative treatment works. Many of them are not just surprised, but also gratified by that experiential fact.

The trick - and your challenge - is to find out where those doctors are, if you need them.

On the other hand, if you are like thousands of us in this country, and do actually KNOW how to recognise and diagnose whooping cough, there is no reason to give your patronage to the medical system immediately. If you know what to look for, and if you understand the progression of the disease, you can pick up whooping cough much earlier than the average parent would.  The key is to know what you need to know, before you need to know it.  Whooping cough has been endemic for over 30 years, so get learning.  If you understand the method of treatments, and have the strength of your own convictions, you can treat whooping cough much earlier than the medical profession would start treating it in the first place, and the severity will never get very bad.

Being in control of the disease early leaves you with the option to go to the doctor like everyone else does anyway.  If they see your child is coping well, and not that distressed, and doesn't go blue at all, then they won't get upset.  Just don't tell them what you are doing.

Why might you consider going to a doctor if you aren't going to tell them what you are doing?

You might want an official diagnosis, so that some medical bureaucrat can't try to emotionally blackmail you into vaccinating a child that has already had whooping cough, but you can't prove it.

You might want to tell them what you are doing.  Just remember that when it comes to suggesting or discussing different treatments for whooping cough though, most doctors' blood pressures go through the roof, and they flip their lids. If you want to discuss everything, you have to be prepared to stay very calm, smile, know thyself, and get out of there in one bit.  It can be done.
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