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Why the hurry, Ministry of Health?

Hilary Butler - Saturday, October 04, 2014

Anyone who has read my whooping cough resource section, will know that since the introduction of all whooping cough vaccines in this country, there has been ZERO impact on incidence and a slight increase recently in death rates.

Seemingly in a desire to catch up to the rest of us, the Ministry of Health this week, showed how much they value thoroughness, by putting out an advert (pdf uploaded here for posterity) with a three week deadline.

The topic?

Why are they not also looking for the presence of the new mutant pertussis bacteria, which has been caused by using the acellullar vaccine

Why have they not told the public that acellular pertussis vaccine ( Otsuka 12 ) have been the driver for this new mutant, and that the new strains infected vaccinated people better with higher growth rates? Why have no health officials admitted that they have known since 2009 ( Stephanelli 09 ), that these new strains have a five times greater ability to invade the body than the old wild strains?  Why are they not asking for a study on the mechanisms whereby pertussis vaccination REDUCES herd immunity because the vaccinated become carriers ( Warfel 13 ) ? Why do they not admit that natural immunity is 30 years, and vaccine immunity is about 3 years?

Why aren't they looking at the fact that neither the whole cell vaccine, or the accellular  can create herd immunity - and never have - because on re-exposure, the vaccinated become carriers.The naturally immune do not, because they have a cellular based immunity which effectively repels bacteria and stops any carriage.

In 2003, Korobeinikov's study had shown them that the NZ vaccine had an effective vaccination rate of 33%.

Applicants for this long overdue cud-chew, are required to file before 12 pm, on 20th October, for "rapid application and assessment process".

The Public Health Surveillance Reports have been discussing this "problem" long before the website - from the days when their reports were printed on paper.  Yet they are incapable of admitting what has been blindingly obvious for since 1960 - and that is that the whooping cough vaccine has been a waste of money. It hasn't reduced disease incidence or deaths compared to before vaccination, and now the vaccines have spawned a new variant with teeth and seemingly nastier claws. 

So, eleven years later... why the need for a rushed application periods? And what will be achieved with only $130,000? 

Does the Ministry of Health already have their own "experts" lined up ready with proposals prepared months ago?

Will Dr Cameron Grant, be the lead author?

With the result be more eminence based edicts from the same people who told us how high the protection rates would be from all previous vaccines?

As in.... ... "More vaccine, more often, and on time

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