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Yes, vaccines can CAUSE autism!

Hilary Butler - Monday, August 15, 2011

There has been some confusion caused by Helen Petousis-Harris's seeming misunderstanding of my comments on Radio Rhema last night.

Yes, I believe that vaccines can cause autism. 

Read Vaccines and Neonatal Immune Development,

then How a baby fights infection and develops the immune system,

then Can vaccines become cranial and immunological cluster bombs

There is absolutely no doubt that children with autism not only have deranged inate immune systems, but they also have cognitive disorder, and crohns.  There is no doubt that aluminium adjuvants make the brain produce pro-inflammatory cytokines, and there is also no doubt that the use of aluminium adjuvant causes excessive amounts of host DNA to be released which in some children could result in autoimmunity.  There is no doubt at all in my mind, that repeated vaccination results in autoimmunity.

It is not possible to cover material comprehensively on the radio, and Helen appeared to state that I was saying that vaccines don't cause autism, but that maternal genes do.

I was not saying that at all. 

I had started discussing the fact that mothers with mitochondrial dysfunction relating to MTHFR mutation, will have children, who after vaccination are MORE LIKELY to come down with regressive autism after vaccination, because they are more susceptible to immune system cascade failure. It's classic "epigenetics". 

And given that nutrition can have epigenetic effects, and switch on, and off genes, and make them work incorrectly, as Dr Terry Wahls discovered, when she brought herself back "to life" instead of dying from progressive multiple sclerosis, good nutrition is hugely important, which (in my opinion) is why more and more children are susceptible to damage, not just from vaccines, but from environmental toxins, and drugs etc. 

Did the vaccinations trigger it, or did the mutation?  I believe that the vaccines triggered it, because many of those same parents, who have had subsequent children with the mutation, and who have decided NOT to vaccinate, have had subsequent children free of any ASD disorders.

I believe the vaccine triggered it, particularly in babies who are bottle fed, and whose nutrition in utero and after was compromised.

Why?  Because vaccines are given at a time when the immune system is normally being orchestrated in an "anti-inflammatory" mode and to repeatedly force it into a pro-inflammatory mode, is a recipe for disaster which aluminium will augment in spades, in those babies who are susceptible for whatever reason.

There is concern about aluminium with ASD's, amongst those who have bothered to think about it, and study it.  But even so, that concern is blinkered.  For instance, these researchers got their bonnets in knots about using aluminium pots to cook for children with ASD, because it could make it worse, but never batted an eyelid about the fact that those children are repeatedly injected with the stuff when they receive the "holy water" vials of vaccine through a needle into their bodies.

Yes, I think Wakefield fell over a piece of the puzzle - a piece, which notable was partly pieced together before he even thought about it.  There are scads of PUBMED articles suggesting that there were definable problems being ignored.  And as Dr Yazbak asks here about children with regressive autism, as compared with classical autism, "Why don't children regress before one year of age?" 

Why have I never discussed Wakefield before?  Because I was seeing autism after vaccines before Wakefield even wrote anything.  I started seeing regressive autism well before MMR was introduced into this country. In my opinion, back then, vaccines were "doing something" in the immune system of babies, resulting in inflammatory derangement, but only recently, have I been able to read all the evidence, clearly in the medical literature, which if you join the dots together, gives you the answer.  And many of those full texts are embedded in my blogs.  This blog and the three blogs mentioned in the first paragraph, should start you on the very beginning of a journey into medical literature, which will lead you to ask the question, "Why is it that the medical profession are adamant that vaccines have nothing to do with autism?"

And I have serious issues with those people who have used Wakefield as a scapegoat, while deliberately ignoring the autism-vaccine-elephant of their making, standing right in front of them.  I guess they hoped that however they shot the messenger, that's all they had to do. Wrong.  FACT - Autism can be caused by vaccines. FACT - Wakefield is irrelevant to the core message there. 

Yes, there are children born with autism, who have never had vaccines, but I would suggest that their parents need to be minutely examined - their vaccine history gone through, their diet looked at, their mitochondrial DNA examined, and the what is learned from actually studying children, instead of amorphous epidemiology, might actually provide some answers for a change.

There are four key things which affect the integrity of mitochondrial genes handed down to babies:

1) the mothers diet before pregnancy.

2) the mother's diet during pregnancy.

3) the mother's diet during breastfeeding (garbage in, equals garbage out)

4) whether or not a mother has enough macro and micronutrients to keep her own mitochondria functioning as they should.

There are eight key things which will affect a developing baby's immune system, and their mitochondrial function:

1) the mothers diet before pregnancy.

2) the mother's diet during pregnancy.

3) the mother's diet during breastfeeding (garbage in, equals garbage out)

4) whether or not a mother has enough macro and micronutrients to keep her own mitochondria functioning as they should.

5) manner of delivery - a vaginal delivery primes the baby's inate immune system in an optimal fashion, something caesarian babies don't get.

6) immediate clamping of the cord deprives a baby of significant amounts of blood AND stem cells.

7) For however long a mother breastfeeds, her baby receives constant infusions of pluripotent stem cells capable of rectifying damage anywhere in a baby's body. Formula feeding does not contain stem cells.

8) Vaccines, given at the time when a baby's body is programmed to suppress as much inflammation as possible. How long is that for?  The medical system doesn't really know, because the study of that is "in it's infancy" - meaning "Um, we don't know very much".  But what they do know is already sending out warning signals.

And that is why Vaccines have THE POTENTIAL to cause autism.


Vaccines during babyhood have the potential to be both immunological and cranial cluster bombs, AND do serious mitochondrial damage.  The most common "evidence" of immune system irregularities after vaccines are allergy, atopy, and asthma, but most people are also told that they are "coincidental" as well.

No, vaccines aren't the one-stop-damage-shop, - they are the bullet in the loaded gun - but many parents with autistic children, have discovered that cleaning up their own diet, and doing things differently - including NOT vaccinating subsequent children, results in children with no autistic spectrum disorders.

However, those parents are few and far between, because autistic children can be so challenging to look after, that if your first child is autistic, that can be a far better contraceptive than anything else!

A few useful references re mitochondrial issues in autism:



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