“Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God re-mould your minds from within...”
Romans 12:2

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6th April 2014.

As you've noticed, our books are pretty much all gone.  Just a few hardbacks left.  But the pdfs will remain on the site for anyone wanting to curl up and read their computer!

After many years of wrapping and sending out books ourselves, we've had enough of that.  It's what you have to do when no publisher will take you on and do that work :)

In our rethinking consideration was given to writing a book for pregnancy, birth and the first two years concentrating on things which affect the immune system.  At about half way through it was put to one side, for several reasons. 

However, there may be one in the works again. Rather than say anything more, we'll try to make good intentions come to fruition, and trust that nothing throws a monkey wrench in the works. 

It's not possible to turn my back on something which has been so fascinating.  Immunisation issues is fundamentally a study in why people think the way they do, and how they communicate the way they do.  This Ted talk  addresses this in a very sound way.  

The provaccine wish to shut discussion down, and suppress it altogether.  Because they can't, they resort - in both the medical literature, media and blogs, to trash talk.  Our biggest problem is that it takes two to tango, and they won't tango. 

Their idea is that discussion means convincing parents to vaccinate, whereas our idea of discussion is convincing people to put their brains into gear, research, think and make an informed choice. Our idea of choice, is not their definition of choice.  They saw, "Parent have the right to choose TO immunise".  We say, "Parents have the right to all the information then, either say 'yes' or 'no'.  "  And that's not the medical system's idea of choice.

A couple of years ago, a resolution has been put to the UN to enforce vaccination at all ages.  Particularly children. 

Apparently, it's a "human" right to receive free all available vaccines.  It's not our human right to make that choice for ourselves or our children.

Pretty soon we won't be allowed to think either.

There has been a big break from blogs as well, because of a collaboration in progress, however, when the urge takes hold, I will write more.

The board, "Beyond Vaccination" disappeared one day.  It's tempting to speculate as to whether or not the septics had it taken down, but in reality hardly anyone was using it, so there's no point wasting a lot of money on something not being used.

As usual, we are always here to help.  And if there is a change of heart about another book, the hat will be eaten.  We will let you know, as and when, if we have some intelligent brain-flashes as well.



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