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Romans 12:2

Mandatory vaccine trials part 2

Hilary Butler - Friday, January 20, 2012

Seems I'm not the only person on internet who thinks the proponents of mandatory vaccine trials need their ethics shaken up, and the group that should be participating in these proposed mandatory trials are the people who push vaccines. See here .

What I'd like to concentrate on here, is the first comment. "Perfect, they should force ALL DOCTORS, and only doctors, to participate in vaccine clinical trial. Doctors, of course, are the only people on the planet who can really give "informed consent" because the rest of us do not have a medical degree. None of them should be poor or wrongly motivated! Perfect! "

The provaccine zealots in this country and elsewhere, don't consider parents to have enough brains to make an educated "correct" choice. They also don't consider that choice means the right to say "no" - except in their lip-service public statements.  Behind closed doors, anyone who has said "no", has made the wrong choice, according to them.  That's why we are told to "consult your doctor" (who will tell you what the right choice is).

Whoever wrote this comment has a point.

Perhaps only those who consider themselves able to make a scientifically informed choice - by their own definition - should be allowed to participate in "mandatory vaccine trials". But we, the public, know this isn't the way it works, or the way that doctors mean it. Doctors think we should just "trust them" because they say "we doctors know the truth" and we people should just do as we are told, because they know best.

The problem is, that's not true, as anyone with even a smidgen of knowledge about the historical litany of medical disasters will know. I've often wondered why many doctors can't see the blindingly obvious - that they have no right to force anyone to do anything, particularly with regard to vaccines. But as Dr Nancy Banks, an obstetrician and gynaecologist said recently on a youtube presentation on vaccines, "In medical school, we are not educated to think, we are trained to do a job."

What has this resulted in? A medical system administered by people as focused and as aware as.....

A riderless race horse wearing the world's largest blinkers.

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