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Romans 12:2

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Merck's next problem - Japan

Hilary Butler - Wednesday, August 28, 2013
Merck’s next problem - Japan.  A culture that is very much into compliance and obedience in many ways... is the first country whose parents have had the guts to ..... say...... Cervical cancer vaccine victims urge permanent halt to vaccination TOKYO, August 24, 2013. KYODO. Eight teenage sufferers of severe side effects of cervical cancer vaccines and their parents called on...

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Merck's MMR murk - where to from here?

Hilary Butler - Thursday, August 22, 2013
These are important thinking points which come out of this case, which readers with an indepth knowledge of Merck's litany of lies in the past will appreciate. There are the main issues: 1) The more you investigate the legal history of Merck, you wonder how anyone can have any faith in medical articles, data sheets or information presented by Merck to the public. As far as I’m conce...

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Merck's illegal MMR smokescreen continues

Hilary Butler - Tuesday, August 20, 2013
Question: When is a legal case really newsworthy? Answer: When it’s never covered by the mainstream media. Yet the on-going Merck MMR case - which no-one is being told about - is even more important than VIOXX was. I wonder how Merck has managed to so skillfully keep it out of mainstream media.... So let’s update the news, …. that isn’t being told. An artic...

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