“Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God re-mould your minds from within...”
Romans 12:2

Chesm Reborn.

CHESM came into being in 1983 as an acronym for Christian Home Education Support Ministries.  We mention this in JALP, Chapter 4.  Later, after our children’s home education responsibilities allowed us more flexibility and Hilary became more involved in IAS (Immunization Awareness Society) opportunities, the acronym changed to Christian Heralds Exposing Systems Moulds.  My involvement with home education gradually declined as the children took their place in the “workforce”, and the focus became more focused on the medical system and vaccination issues.  The Robert Reisinger Memorial Trust began to shape our lifestyle more and more, especially with the publication of the books.  But CHESM was still there in the back ground, and in FOPTA, Chapter 11 it surfaces again this time as Converted Hunter Exposing System’s Methods!

For a number of reasons during the past few weeks there has been a growing conviction that CHESM should be reborn.  There are many important lifestyle issues that fall outside the specifics of the RRMT Deed that I believe need an Out of the Mould perspective.  CHESM will provide a means to do this.

That raised the question:  How would the acronym be defined?  So out came the dictionary and thesaurus and over 200 words were selected from the five letters involved.  It is quite a challenge to produce suitable, meaningful combinations from such a limited letter range, but it is an extremely interesting exercise.  After many hours of mental gymnastics, the following list was composed:

Crazy  Humour  Easing  Serious  Moments.

Convinced  Heretics  Exploding  Subtle  Myths

Crusaders Hassling Every Stubborn  Mentality

Campaigners  Helping  Explain  Simple  Messages

Concerned  Harbingers  Exhorting  Sound  Monitoring

Caring  Humans  Espousing  Safe  Material

Committed,  Happy,  Earnest, Sensible,  Messengers.

Challenging  Harmful  Entrenched  Suspect  Mindsets

Counsel  Heeded  Energizes  Sustained  Momentum.

Contesting  Habits  Engrained  Since  Manifestation

Checking  Hindrances  Every  Single  Morning.

Choosing  Honesty  Eventually  Secures  Mastery

Cheerful  Hearts  Embracing  Stressless  Musts

Counteracting  Handbook  Errors  Spreading  Misinformation.

Yes, some of them may appear a bit “forced”, or contrived through lack of vocabulary options but all of them identify valid lifestyle issues on which to focus in one way or another.  Light hearted in some cases but pertinent nevertheless!

What will the reborn CHESM stand for?  It will no longer be an acronym for anything.  It will be a stand alone name, written as CHESM or Chesm but it will have as the foundation all those 14 definitions as well as whatever other acronyms occur from time to time.  How’s that for beyond conformity?!!

CHESM is being reborn.  Visit the web beyond the web, every now and again, for the latest in Pete’s ponderings.  Like all newly borns growth takes time.  The bonny wee “baby” will, hopefully, soon reveal its distinguishing characteristics.  One thing is for sure – they will definitely be out of the mould.