“Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God re-mould your minds from within...”
Romans 12:2

A high I.Q. could be low in importance.

If, in the course of conversation you happen to use the fairly common expression, “I’ve been thinking,” it is possible that the reply may be, “That’s a dangerous thing to do!”

And that can be true.

It depends on a number of factors:

Who you’re talking to; the depth of the thinking, and how radical it is considered to be.

Conformed thinking will usually go unchallenged by the majority.  It will fit the “mould”.  But when the “in” and “out” sides are facing each other, the responses can be many and varied!

I often ask the question, “Where are ‘out-of-the-moulder-ers’ to be found?”

Do they find you, or do you find them?!

Obviously it will happen both ways.

Out of the mould folk are not in the majority, so they are not distinguished by being in large groups.  More often they will stand out as individuals, or as families – almost like lone voices in the wilderness.

Their thinking will be different, making it a key factor, because this is where the first tentative steps take place.  Confidence begins to build.  Convictions strengthen, and there is less dependence on the so called “experts”.  The squeezing, or “press”, of peer pressure is resisted, and turning away from popular opinion, will pop you out of the mould!

Out of the mould-ers will find common ground by which their cause will be strengthened, but they are not clones of systems.  They are capable of “independent thought” and action where this is necessary, so in some respects The Great Divide will be expressed differently even though it will still exist.  The warm fuzzies found within the moulds of conformity will be replaced with resolve and determination as the real issues are clearly defined, and lifestyles are adjusted accordingly.  Being able to accept and respect one another in spite of our differences, without the dilution of compromise, requires real discernment, and this raises an important issue.  How is this judgment to be exercised?  Among other things it will involve experience, wisdom, knowledge and understanding.  We gain experiences as part of the process of daily living.  We can learn from them, or we can ignore them.  That leaves wisdom, knowledge and understanding to be sorted out.  Are there differences in meanings?  A dictionary may or may not be helpful as there are interconnections which have to be unravelled.  For me, knowledge and understanding underlies all that is defined as education.  The ocean of knowledge is increasing by the day, and the world is drowning in it, and I venture to suggest that it will hasten its destruction.  Understanding involves the intellect, and the ability to reason and make decisions, which to a greater or lesser degree depends on the genes we have inherited.  We are “bright” or we’re “dull”; a genius or a plodder; an intellectual or a hands-oner.  Which leaves wisdom.  For me this is the key, but it can also be controversial.  Is it just the ability to use knowledge, understanding and experience to make decisions?  The evolutionists and humanists may say so.  I wonder what King Solomon would say?  After all he is used as a sort of measuring rod for a wise man.

Another question: Where does true wisdom come from?  This is the crunch question because it depends on where you go for the answer.

Who would have the audacity to say that philosophers, scholars and brilliant debaters of world affairs are made to look foolish and their wisdom is useless nonsense?

Who would dare to suggest that there are those who are considered to be foolish and of little worth who will shame those people considered by the world to be wise and great?  Who could boldly say, “I will baffle and render useless, and destroy the learning of the learned and the philosophy of the philosophers and the cleverness of the clever and the discernment of the discerning.  I will frustrate and nullify them and bring them to nothing!” ?

Ask King Solomon.  The answer lies in a three letter word beginning with a capital G.  And there was a Man who said, “A greater than Solomon is here.”

To be out of the mould, means that the mind has to be remoulded.  How it is done, and who does it, has to be a personal choice or decision.  It’s the long term results that will count.  Will the foundation it is built on, be rock solid, or shaky and shifting?

If any of you needs wisdom, you should ask God for it.  He is generous and enjoys giving to all people who ask…

Don’t play games with it though.  Increased responsibility and accountability will follow.