“Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God re-mould your minds from within...”
Romans 12:2

Over My Dead Body.

Confusion abounds in today’s society.

It is becoming more and more difficult for people to make clear cut decisions with confidence.  There are always niggling doubts hovering in the back of the mind, and the verbal expression of them will often begin with the words, “What if…?”

I am absolutely convinced that one of the main culprits, if not the main culprit, for this state of affairs, is the strategy of turning issues that should be relatively simple, into issues that are made as complicated as possible.  Technology, and the explosion of “knowledge” in which people can begin to drown, throwing up their hands in desperation as they appeal for help, provide two convenient vehicles by which this can happen.

New rules and regulations are being fed into the political pipeline at an alarming rate and when they finally emerge, and our lives are increasingly subjected to the Ministry of Conformity, Compliance and Control, and the pressures of the “mould’s squeeze” are brought to bear on us, we will either submit or resist.  The “rewards” offered are “plentiful” and the moulds can be very comfortable.  Offering no resistance and the lulling sounds of the easy road, seem to be so sensible as you are encouraged to place yourself in the hands of those who claim to know best. 

What are the guarantees?  There are none without carefully crafted escape clauses.

Where are the guarantees?  Usually they are hard to nail down.  You’ll probably get the bureaucratic run-around which often produces no satisfactory conclusion.

Even in a comfortable, form-fitting mould, sooner or later the pins and needles and other aches and pains will often become unbearable.  When the circulation ceases, then you can be in serious trouble.

Does the fact that we are losing our freedoms to exercise choice, worry you?  Because we are you know!  Our lifestyles are being more and more regulated. 

Check it out.  But be prepared to dig beneath the surface and to read between the carefully scripted lines.  The medical system in particular, especially vaccination issues, comes under the spotlight on this website.  We know that there is a concerted effort around the world, for vaccinations to become compulsory.  We know that there are many people in the high places of vested interests who want to eliminate all forms of vaccination exemptions.  The ultimate for these schools of thought is for everybody to comply, or else…!

Let’s transport ourselves into the hypothetical realm.

The front doorbell rang at the Blank’s residence in Yortown. Dot had just finished tidying the house after having put her two children to bed for a mid-day sleep.  She hurried to the door and on opening it she found three people standing in the porch – a man and two women, prim and proper, with identity labels on their frontages.

“Good morning Madam.  Ms Blank, is it?”

“Yes”, replied Dot rather hesitantly, raising her eyebrows questioningly.

“We’re from the Ministry of Health.  We understand you have two children?”

Dot said nothing.

“Under the new legislation passed recently it is now required that all children must be fully vaccinated.  We’re checking that your children’s vaccinations are up to date, and to advise you that there are now additions to the schedule which you need to be aware of.  This will apply to adults as well.  Our records suggest that you need to catch up with these requirements.  We can do that now in the convenience of your own home.”  The trio picked up the refrigerated vaccine storer, the laptop’s bag and briefcases, and prepared to enter the house.

“No! No, you will do no such thing.  My husband and I do not believe in vaccinations.  Our choice is based on the very strong convictions that we have.  Those should be clearly stated on our rec….”

“Ms Blank,” interrupted the male member of the party, “you don’t seem to understand that there are now no exemptions allowed for refusing the schedule’s requirements, so you’ll just have to … “

“The answer is no!” declared Dot vehemently. “If you talk to my hus….”

“It won’t make any difference,” one of the women said. “We can remove your children from your care – or lack of it – and you could also face a heavy fine, or imprisonment, if you refuse to co-operate.  By being so irresponsible you are placing vaccinated people’s lives at risk!  You need to seriously re-consider your beliefs, or…”

By this time Dot was speaking through an opening in the door that was nearly closed.  Her ire had been rapidly aroused and she almost shouted her closing retort, “Any vaccination needles used in this house will be over our dead bodies.  Now, go away and leave us alone!”

The door was firmly shut.

Dot was shaking and the tears began to flow.  She must ring her husband and tell him what had happened.

Outside, the “visitors”, or enforcers, turned to go.  Addressing the closed door, one of them called out in a loud voice, “You are being very foolish you know.  You will be hearing from us.  The law’s the law, you know!”

You know?!


Likely to happen?

It’s happened to others, you know!

Will our response be, “Maybe, but it won’t happen here.”

What should you and I do to make sure it doesn’t?

What is the substance of your convictions, if you were Mrs Dot Blank?

When the “push” becomes a “shove”, and the shove becomes a legal battle, and the battle lands up in front of a brick wall, then what?

If could be a matter of life or death.

What is the price of remaining true to one’s convictions?

Is it a “simple” issue, or will it be allowed to become complex?  You know, really complicated.

Is it black and white, or will it be turned into a cloudy and murky grey?

Does your “no” eloquently sum up your convictions about vaccinations… full stop? Or do you have to start again, with every vaccine to be argued about, weighed in the balances, while avoiding the core issues, thus fuelling confusion, world without end, amen?

Do the freedoms and rights which we hope are set out in some declaration of human rights, or constitution, mean what we think they say?  Don’t take anything for granted these days.  Each one of us have been allocated so many numbers and designations whereby we can be “tracked and traced” that we have become bar-coded commodities in computer systems, just like the wrist bands you get issued in hospitals these days.  The memory of those systems can be expanded as required.  The networks which now exist are intimidating. 

What sort of “marks” have I against my name?  How long before I will be informed that I don’t conform?

What about you?

And when we’re called to account, which “mark” will be more important?  The SYNO and GO starting  one, or the meek and mild scannable one?!!!