“Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God re-mould your minds from within...”
Romans 12:2


The launching of “WHOOSH … IT’S GONE” took place as described, and another contribution to the Out of the Mould web now follows hard on its heels. So if you’re reading this, there will be a few issues for you to mull over during the coming days. Superficial reading however, may not be enough to cause the sparks to fly and existing mindsets to be replaced with more resolve and convictions.

A good starting place now would be to read “TWENTY FIVE YEARS + IS QUITE A LONG TIME.” It asks many questions. Over 30 of them. I hope you’ll have a go.

About half way through the article there is a section that begins: “Will we start planning before any possibility of conception occurs?”, with the sixth point identifying several procedures. After this come the words: RAISING A FAMILY.

This provides the context for what is about the follow.

Ideally, a living beyond conformity lifestyle must surely embrace every facet of daily living for every member of that family. Consistent values, standards, and decision-making are essential, and they come with a price, along with the requirement to a commitment of responsibility. The easy way of compartmentalization is full of pitfalls and double standards.

A child is born and a family life begins. Over time other children may increase the family size and add to the responsibility of parenthood.

Decisions have to be made on behalf of the child(ren). The systems of this world will speak with many “voices” all clamouring for attention each day to which we awaken. They will include “experts”, peer groups, family members, friends, advisory services, trained “this and that”, and regulations which can be made to appear very intimidatory. Freedom to make choices will often cause confusion as the daunting task of assessing each voice is tackled and people ask, “Who is right? Who should I listen to?”

If we are going to live beyond conformity and resist the world’s ways from squeezing us into its moulds, then I believe it is important that children from the earliest age are always part of the decision-making processes, especially in health related matters. For example, if parents believe home education is what they should commit to, then the child(ren) should be able to understand why (as far as this is possible for their age) and as a family enjoy the lifestyle it can provide. If the family wants to be healthy, fit and well by using natural methods and food, activities and compatible technology, then the children should grow up knowing nothing else, and “the proof of the pudding” will be in the eating!

If family members are to be vaccine free then the children should understand how this will impact on the total lifestyle of the whole family.

In all issues, daily living should provide practical opportunities for informed choices which can be understood and appreciated. The pros and cons need to be identified and worked through. Unfortunately the achievement of these lifestyle goals is becoming more and more difficult. Not only will it become more “costly” to be different, but it is becoming more difficult to escape the “voices” to which we are all exposed.

What sort of voices deliver the daily barrages?

Let’s work from the outside in, the specifics applicable being determined by age, and a range of other factors.

There will be those that come from:

• The printed word, (huge amounts of advertising – newspapers, junk mail etc)
• Radio, TV and internet and the constantly changing sophistication of technology incorporated in cell phones, etc.
• Peer pressure from those people with whom family members associate.
• The school and workplace environments, especially where teachers, lecturers and other “educators” are involved.
• Sporting and social interactions.
• Systems and vested interests such as doctors, pharmacists and Ministry of Health officials.
• Requirements for children enrolled in childcare centres, school holiday programmes, as well as “baby” sitters.
• And whatever else may be part of this list we will eventually come to the most important – THE PARENTS.

Compared with all the “voices” each day brings, HOW MUCH TIME AND INFLUENCE WILL THE PARENTS HAVE ON THEIR CHILDREN?

In many cases it is MINIMAL! Honestly check it out! The conclusions may be somewhat sobering.

If the family’s lifestyle is being dominated by voices which are undermining what the family is seeking to be agreed upon, then choices and consequences will no doubt amount to being disastrous.


A rock solid foundation of convictions must be laid, for only then can the lifestyle building process begin. The battle for the mind is relentless.

Is the price too high for such a lifestyle, and parents expectations?

It’s your choice and involves facing up to priorities, the fruits of which could manifest themselves further along the road of life’s journey.